1. Yeah, just today I was thinking that the combat gets unnecessarily slow due to wait for all the animations to finish. Hoping to find a fix to this as well

  2. Bags. Just divide things into bags.

  3. Okay, thanks for the suggestions how to handle the inventory. Gotta stay away from the gift bag mod then. I still find strange that there are no good mods available for this much loved game!

  4. What a shame. Some of those Tier 1 skills are completely useless to my style of play so I feel like it's a waste of the knight.

  5. Good video, thanks for sharing it! I also love my Balin with my christian tyrant playthrough, easy to get him as faithful loyalty. His trait of 10% more gold during the missions is wonderful as well besides him being so mobile and deadly at the battle field.

  6. Thanks for the video! I like Merlin a lot and even though I am christian / tyrant, I still keep him in my party and try to make it work. Hopefully I find the summer staff myself!

  7. Totally agree with the idea of having a more difficulty levels. One idea would be for example to have hard difficulty with normal level campfire resting bonuses

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