1. Plenty of jobs on line or get a weekend job

  2. I have thought about it but ran into a few problems, since im still in highschool i barely get time to do that, have to study every weekend with homework and tests, and even if i do finish those things i have to worry about living in south africa as i will basically get stabbed if i walk to the store or even with my bicycle, my parents cant take me as theyre job require them to see clients from very early in the morning untill like 8pm at night

  3. I've just noticed it, it's awful. Has anyone found a way to get the old emojis?

  4. No, apperantly its intentional bc they wat thefacebook emojis on whatsapp, and they probably messed something up there

  5. I'm having exactly the same issue here. It's probably a bug on the latest version, it made me try to reinstall, and I lost a couple of chats.

  6. Same man, lost like a whole month of chats bc i didnt backup

  7. She shoudlnt date you, hint to the last part

  8. Ive done it with a girl, wasnt too bad honestly

  9. Stardew valley is cute and simple enough

  10. I have never actually met a parent who bought this for their kid bruh, its like a myth here where i live 💀

  11. I loved mine when I was little so maybe that’s why. Plus I needed stuff to fill the “Schultüte”. It’s a big cone thingy that every kid gets in Germany when they start elementary school.

  12. Ahhhh, i live in SA, so maybe thats also why its not as popular

  13. Bro stfu cant you take a damn joke, gah damn you ruined the whole joke bruh

  14. I wouldnt know but people seem to like it, look at that, most upvotes in this comment section

  15. He lives in america and got shot by police

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