1. If he's really sharing his grief then does he really need to overdo with those hashtags?

  2. It doesn’t matter really. Seems like OP has a beef with this dude and decides to embarrass him by posting here. This is definitely not lunatic. Just plain bullying “anonymously”

  3. Is LinkedIn like the job Facebook for Indians? Like that's all I see who post this asinine crap

  4. Not just Indians. The other day a manager at meta was announcing “come meet me at some after hour session on weekday. You will get to mingle with the leaders af meta and be able to try the new oculus”. Seriously wtf dude? What is a leader? Everyone goes around calling themselves a leader. And “mingle with leaders” sounds so much like “come kiss our ass and feel FOMO so you are driven to be in my shoes”

  5. This is good. And it generally works well for responsible people (employees). But I have run into quite a few entitled upper middle class 20 year old white folks (hope that’s ok coz we bash Indians all the time and for good reasons) who take that as a pass to do not even the bare minimum. Also, especially in the software industry, because the demand outstrips supply, unless you are a Amazon or Meta, it is hard to find people. And because letting folks go is not really an option some capable folks decide they don’t want to put as much effort. And giving feedback is not really an option. People are more than happy to leave if you do that. I have met people who will throw tantrums in smaller companies, then go to Amazon and toe every fucking line.

  6. I have a reputation at work of being able to work get along with just about everyone. Like you can’t find me a difficult team or manager to work with because I’m just good at gelling with people. Managers, directors, engineers, product people, security, PMO, I can get along with them all.

  7. As an Indian who has been in the USA for over 2 decades I can relate to what you said.

  8. My wife has battled depression since we met, and we are now 6 years into marriage and 2 kids deep. I've never suffered from depression.

  9. This was me until 2 years ago. I started on Zoloft and also Wellbutrin (helps with libido side effects of Zoloft) and I am practically depression free. I am calmer. I can handle conflict well. I don’t overreact. Life is incredibly better. It helped that I have an incredibly supportive spouse who also speaks the truth (not a cheerleader). Give medications a shot along with therapy. It is life changing. My depression was genetic. I am in my 40s and now that I think about it I was depressed from 13.

  10. It looks like OP posted an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of


  12. How is this post(er) considered a lunatic? Let me phrase it differently. Getting employees back into the office is a real problem many companies are facing. What other forum or avenue would you consider appropriate, other than LinkedIn, to gauge employee/industry sentiment?

  13. And of the 4 options, 3 don’t need to go back to work. Management needs to be useful not cool. Project may or may not be important. It has to be relevant. If you deserve more money then going or not going to work is not relevant. Why the fuck is mini golf even here. Most people don’t give a fuck about golf. Someone may like skating. So what you will provide a skating arena. Or are you saying that we only welcome golfers.

  14. This is Capital One software. Wtf do employees need to get back to work. If the work needs to be done in the office then they probably never left work. If someone needs to post a poll like this asking if mini golf will incentivize you up go to work, it reeks of unimaginativness and treats non managers are idiots who are easily swayed.

  15. This reads like he’s taking some inane thing like deciding whether to upgrade his headphones and turn it in to a “leadership principles” circlejerk for a promotion request.

  16. I don’t know why the whole corporate life has become a huge circle jerk. It’s almost like admitting, what we do is nothing great. So let’s imagine it is something brilliant. And finding like minded losers to “like”. LinkedIn is worse than high schoolers. It’s pathetic.

  17. A douchebag is someone who expects people to offer them reasons to connect with on LinkedIn.

  18. Indians and their unconditional love for corporate America is a fascinating case study in human behaviour.

  19. Indians just show it. White folks crave this just as bad. But have the good sense to keep low. I have realized corporate world is one big suck up. For engineers the only way to move up the social hierarchy is to get into management. It is quite easy given how many people are directors these days.

  20. Yeah - I get it that it’s public media and strictly speaking there is no need to redact. But the “moral” argument in favor of redacting is - if they post publicly on LI and we mock publicly on LI then it’s open season for both parties. But mocking folks using their public information anonymously is not cool. Redact and mock away. Most of these posts are idiotic. But doxing while keeping yourself anonymous is bullying behavior.

  21. The other BS that pisses me off is how people go ga-ga over diversity, women power. I know one dude who does it on LinkedIn and on his wedding anniversary congratulates his wife on making a great decision 2 decades ago on FB.

  22. This post is great for FB. Minus the last paragraph and line one of the second paragraph.

  23. Yes! I was a completely new person the morning after the first ever dose. My doctor of course claimed placebo but no sugar pill have mede me feel 30 kilos lighter 🤷

  24. Same here. After a while though it was a bit disorienting at times as I was not used to being so calm. But over the months I got very comfortable with it.

  25. This is the type of person that’s “political”. Looks to find fault with other peoples work. But rarely contributes. Often quotes “technical debt” and waits for others to pick the load in times of crisis and then when the crisis is gone picks fault in that work and goes around claiming “I could have done it better becoz process was not followed”.

  26. I spend a lot of time thinking about this changes. So happy to share. Just ask away.

  27. Maybe not if they had new borns. I was in full steady state with grown up kids and all. But tended to take things personally. Had a severely bad experience which pushed me into therapy and then realized once i had sorted out my personal demons, I have a serotonin problems. When I took Zoloft life changed quickly for the better.

  28. Omg!! Literally read this on LI and headed here to check if it had made it here. And lo behold it has.

  29. First comment on that post was - If he did not feel lesser before he definitely does now after the post. Before you posted it was all ok.

  30. I believe this is India. So what happens is (bank)officers are chosen through exams and thus you get a situation like this where less experienced people crack an aptitude test and can have a high post from the start.

  31. Officer in a Indian bank is not a big deal. Not the same as “Named Officer” in a US company. You start off as a clerk, then one grade more is an officer and then you are a manger and so forth. It’s just a fancy title for a senior clerk.

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