1. Canadian here. Generally speaking, we're very nice to outsiders but we're horrible to each other.

  2. Can confirm. I once visited Canada for a couple months and one of my roommates was out for blood against her friend. She stole her phone, then posted tons of nude pics on the girl’s instagram. My roommates bullied each other all the time as well and I got caught in the crossfire at some point, even to the point of sexual assault. Maybe I just met a bad batch of people but I’ll never forget it.

  3. Random question because I love the stacked pillow look but I never really got how it works: where do the extra pillows go when you're using the bed? Are they used? Thrown on a chair/the floor?

  4. I usually stack it to the side of my bed while I sleep! Hope that answers your question 😊

  5. That blue color is what I've been looking for. May I ask what the shade and maker of the paint?

  6. I definitely don’t think he would have reacted in such a kind way. At the very beginning he was skeptical of her and to learn that she had had sex with another man before marriage; especially during that time period! It would have been unthinkable. I’m sure that he would have been put off by her at the very least, but wouldn’t have ridiculed her because he is a kind man.

  7. I tried that once for a few weeks, to make my “default” inner voice a happy go lucky girl that gave me only positive vibes.

  8. This needs to be higher. Episodes 10-13 were horrific and tear-jerking, and completely made you rethink the journey the characters were taking from the beginning of the series.

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