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  1. Awesome character, can you share the code please?

  2. Added with standalone comment. Thank you!

  3. Oooooooh! This is an excellent Shepard! Do you happen to have the identity code?

  4. thanks! code is 7P1.A6I.G64.T8Q.HAN.11R.D5D.771.MA6.8RH.KGF.1XF

  5. Armor have a flat damage reduction effect. If you have 2 armor on your character and going to suffer 5-8 damage in total with 15% armor breaking, you are going to suffer 3-6 damage to hp and a chance to loose 1 armor.

  6. 98 hours in game. Couple of minor bugs, but nothing game breaking at all.

  7. There is a very decent journal in game that describes all gameplay mechanics and statuses. I highly recommend it to you because there are a lot of small but vital things. It would save you a lot of time and troubles.

  8. Dindraine and Persivale, first time you meet the latter, but, disappointedly, not in the mission you recruit him.

  9. Meh :( I've skipped it then.

  10. Glad you've enjoyed it! I like Lancelot, he's definitely not the same type of damage dealer as the rest of his kin due to the lack of rage. Earthshaker is also big but I honestly don't feel it's lack of presence as much as Rage. That being said, he's still really solid imo. He won't be able to carry a team as a solo damage dealer on higher difficulties late in the game, but is sort of a hybrid of dps and support. As far as supports go he's easily the highest damage support. He has strong solo lockdown potential through all of his spells so he's one of the safest champions. He has a lot going on, but I think leaning on his utility and brining him in place of a sage for example is very viable for a team comp. My next build guide is going to be on him in the next couple of days where I'll be able to go into more detail lol. Get asked about him a lot so I'm glad to finally be getting around to him.

  11. Don't you no, movement skills activates juggernaut bonus? I mean, Lancelot assault activates juggernaut bonus for movement or not?

  12. Yes it does, and it counts each space traveled for the calculation. It won't apply to assault when you cast it because it will use the damage number displayed when the ability is activated. Your follow up attacks however will benefit from the distance traveled.

  13. Great, thank you for information!

  14. There are also some difficulty spikes and mid-way balance changes that can affect your playstyle. Yesterday I was caught off guard in the middle of the mission because of vanguard jump new cooldown.

  15. There is a decree in Citadel - arrange a joust and skip time forward by one mission. If you have a 24 level Mordred you should totally have it.

  16. I've already used the decree, it is also in cooldown for another day.

  17. Wow, you've totally cornered yourself in so many ways. Sorry to hear it.

  18. I would like to see Merlin hermit skin. His basic design is unic, but I find it strange a bit.

  19. *** ***** can mean "нет войне" / "no war". This slogan is criminalized.

  20. Looks like fake gameplay. First gay you've took down just died instead of blocking takedown and becoming mini-boss. :)

  21. Because he hit the wall and took damage a little bit right after OP started his execution. Pay attention .

  22. Stop right there. IT GROWS? O_o

  23. I don't know if it helps, but:

  24. In chapter 5 you get a quest to investigate sudden rise in popularion of sick scavengers. First time you saw them next to Bodowin's house so there you pretty much start your investigation. Long story short: if you kill the alchemist, you can loot the key to the cave next to his house. There you can find tortured, dead bodies of Ana's friend (who wanted to find a job so she took one that Bodowin offered on a board) and his old master.

  25. Holy fuck, I knew I should kill the bastard. The density of skeletons in his closet is rediculus.

  26. The real beast is the other hunter who 'survived' as he made the whole plot to take some heat out of his serial killing :) but I suppose Bodowin could have sell him some potions!

  27. Yeah, I know, the is a mention of Bodowin in his journal.

  28. Quest log usually have some notifications about quests you can fail, but not always.

  29. if your str is below 20 he will give you a different quest which is super easy to finish and yields far bigger rewards

  30. yeah, I know, but my strength is above 20 and have no prior save nor urge to replay the last hour.

  31. I'm having the exact same problem. Tried many different things, like dropping the wood, sawing different logs, sleeping for some days, reloading so I did not have a saw before talking to Knut. None of them worked... I think its bugged and I have to go with the watchtower wood. Finding the woodcutter camp was a pain in the ass already, quite disappointing not being able to get this done :/

  32. I feel your pain! Lets hope it will be hotfixed soon :)

  33. If you liked Gothic series, your should try "Archolos: chronicles of Mirtana" mod on Steam. It's just amazing. It's Gothic 3 as it should be. It plays and feels exactly like Gothic, and it has very good prequel story. And quests, I dare say, even better then in original games, truly non-linear and versatile. God damnit, it has its one symphony soundtrack, dozens of themes.

  34. Link seems to be broken for me, could you check it please?

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