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  1. I work in a different school district but my husband teaches at CCS. Students have to have a LOT of absences before truancy will really do anything about it. And truthfully there’s supposed to be a bunch of interventions, meetings with the school, etc before there’s any actual trouble. Read up on house bill 410 to know the steps that they should take:

  2. You’re welcome! Spread the word. They’re threatening truancy to scare people, and many people don’t know that legally CCS isn’t going to be able to file truancy unless they implement a whole bunch of steps first.

  3. I’ve always been confused by this. I live in Columbus and work in Columbus, so I’m assuming everything is taken care of in my paycheck and there’s nothing extra I have to do, is that right? I really hope so.

  4. I’ve never gone out of Long Beach (I live in the Midwest), but we did a Fort Lauderdale cruise 9 years ago and a New York cruise this summer and drove both times. Fort Lauderdale we parked at the cruise port, and New York we did park and cruise at a hotel. Both times it was great - I loved not being rushed or worried during debarkation and going at our own pace. And that’s coming from someone who would normally choose to fly for vacation…with cruises I actually enjoy driving!

  5. Is there any reason to believe that the comparative figure( I reckon the actual monetary values have increased across the board) have changed?

  6. There is. Check the other post I made with numbers pulled directly from contracts.

  7. Then Columbus should have no problem getting new teachers.

  8. “Then Columbus should have no problem getting new teachers.” So instead of retaining experienced teachers, who leave for the suburbs after gaining a few years of experience and education, it’s better to just keep cycling through new teachers?

  9. I saw it on Parsons about 8 months ago and wanted to take a picture but couldn’t (we passed going opposite directions). I swear it was straight out of every creeper stereotype meme

  10. Local here. When I was a kid the thing used to be to undo your seat belt and try to stand up on Blue Streak. It's a miracle that Huron and Sandusky kids of the 80s survived to adulthood.

  11. Ha I’m one of those kids!! I never stood up, but I unbuckled many times. Funny thing is, now I pull restraints as tight as I possibly can. Getting old somehow put a lot more fear into me…

  12. Looks great - I would agree with some of the slight order changes that others suggested. If you do end up having to cut one, I’d vote for cutting Rougarou. It’s painful, especially if you’re short (I’m 5’1 and spend the whole ride getting my head banged side to side on the restraints). I actually liked it okay when it was Mantis, but hate it as Rougarou. IMO, not worth the (literal!) headache if you’re running out of time! And if you like old wooden coasters you’ll like Blue Streak. It’s a good one.

  13. Hahahahaha I made literally that same comment to my husband last week after we rode it - “Magnum is getting rough in its old age…or maybe it’s just my old age”

  14. Funny (maybe not really!) background story on that…in 2016 a tornado touched down in the park the night before Ironman Ohio being held there. There were millions of dollars worth of bikes in the park overnight - luckily none were damaged and nobody was hurt! The shelter was put in a couple years later.

  15. Yes my husband and I did EMed testing with the binax tests and it was accepted. It was very easy to do and quick, no appointment needed. Once you get the test kit you just scan the QR code and log in and do it. Don’t open the test though until you are logged in and they tell you to.

  16. Did you have to zoom call someone to view you taking the test? I scanned the QR code and it took me to site not saying anything about televist

  17. Yeah it took me to a site to log in, it wasn’t exactly a zoom call but it was similar. They could see me but I couldn’t see them

  18. I think one thing people often don't focus on enough is that cell phone ping in Hilliard. I find it strange the phone pinged months later. Why there? It's a northern suburb. Did Brian end up there that night? Or if not, how did his phone?

  19. The phone pinging is something that fascinates me too. The other thing that I always think about is the comment on his dad’s obituary. I know they traced it to a library computer and say it’s a hoax, but why? I don’t get what the purpose of pulling that hoax would be and part of me truly believes it was him.

  20. I got this bag on Amazon in 2020 when my studio stopped providing props and I bought my own blocks. The blocks fit perfectly in the front pockets. I love it!

  21. We did home online proctored tests through EMed for a June 20 cruise on Carnival and it was really easy and fast. I had been worried about the logistics because we were also driving a long distance to the port the day before, but it was great. No appointment needed and they’re available 24/7 so you can just log in and do it when you’re ready. If you have a medical flexible spending account you can use that money (I did), or you also might be able to submit for reimbursement through insurance. I think the ease of it was worth the cost.

  22. My brain went to someone asking about drinking river water and now I'll be gagging the rest of the day thinking about drinking Olentangy River water.

  23. The announcer at the Whetstone high school football games sometimes used to say to “stop by the concession stand for some of that Whetstone water, bottled straight from the Olentangy” 🤣

  24. We did the EMed proctored online test before our June 20 cruise and it was so easy and smooth. I had been worried about the logistics of testing but it was great! The one we did was available 24-7 with no appointment needed so we could just log on when we were ready and we got our results emailed to us right away.

  25. I'm hoping this gets answered as well! The reason I dismissed an online option was because I didn't want to risk a purchase for something closed on the weekends.

  26. Oh man, I’m training for a triathlon and I have a really long ride I need to do. Was thinking about heading out to the camp chase trail but sounds like that may be a terrible idea. I REALLY don’t want to ride 4 hours indoors!

  27. I just did a similar excursion last week (it was Puerto Plata traditions & local flavors). It was great! Lunch was delicious and they provided bottled water (or soda if you want) with lunch. I had no issues and ate everything they offered at lunch.

  28. I’m a bigger female runner and triathlete. While comments don’t bother me enough to spend a ton of time thinking about it, I do feel like sometimes they come across as patronizing and it kind of pisses me off. I’m not a beginner athlete - I’ve run countless 5ks and 10ks, 15 half marathons, as well as numerous sprint and Olympic triathlons, am currently training for a half Ironman, and I’ve done several distance open-water swims (I’m a former competitive swimmer so actually love swimming even more than running!). My thyroid is removed due to a growth on it, so I have trouble regulating my meds sometimes and truthfully I also just like pizza, wings, and burgers a bit too much.

  29. Race shirts are about 75% of my wardrobe. And I’m a female who does not look like a runner at first sight. I don’t care about showing off the races, I just love comfy tees LOL

  30. I’ve noticed with my Garmin link that I often need to open Noom, then open Garmin Connect and refresh it, then go back to Noom. Once I do that it updates.

  31. That’s pretty much it. I live in Columbus now but grew up in the Sandusky area and have made the drive so many times. There are 2 ways to do it: 71 to Mansfield then 13 and 250, or 23 to Bucyrus and 4. They’re honestly the same type of route so we usually just throw it in the gps and follow whichever it says is faster that day.

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