1. Has anyone received the correct players yet? I got WC Kane that should have been HM Kane but nothing has been added to my account yet?

  2. And also looking away from the game

  3. no you dont need a front weighted dart if you grip at the end of the barrel

  4. Cheers for that info mate, couldn’t find much information about barrel loadings online

  5. Last thing we need is another Ryan Kent card, especially following the latest patch 😂

  6. Not only you, my highest was Ricardo Pereira on 17 packs saved...

  7. I honestly love him. Had Renato Sanches before and would say Zinchenko is better imo. I play him b2b in 4222 and he is everywhere on defense and attack

  8. I have Rodri at the minute and he just isn’t cutting it, more tempted to use fodder to do Zinchenko rather than buying kante or Phillips off of the market

  9. I would if you need a b2b, I think Zinchenko would be wasted in a true dm role, but he would still play really well I think

  10. Should’ve known I’d get Kroos, the amount of times his face has popped up in my packs every Fifa

  11. The luck isn’t in my favour today, done 10 and highest I got was 79 🤣 Then did the Hero SBC and got Al-Jaber which couldn’t be any worse.

  12. I have grafted for elite 1 in squad battles every week since release so far and have not got anything above 83 in any of the 2 x rare packs. Thinking of just getting in to gold 3 and staying there this week and see if I get an 84+ from rewards as elite 1 has been completely pointless.

  13. Yeah the coins are nice to be fair. I play some on world class and others on professional or semi pro depending on if I am doing objectives or not so always have to play the full 40 games which like you say takes way too much time with no rewards for it. We’ll see how gold rewards treats us this week; bet we both get a promo card haha

  14. Elite 1- Fabian top in both packs. Big sigh. So frustrating.

  15. I don’t have any upgrade ideas as that team looks well balanced; Cafu would be an improvement on trent though. How good is Kante? I can’t decide between him or Phillips RB for a CDM alongside Casameiro?

  16. Kante is a nobrainer for me the last couple of FIFA’s. Absolute beast. I packed Phillips RB and selled him right away 😁

  17. Was hoping you would have tried RB Phillips to compare haha! Kante has been class on every Fifa for me too but wasn’t sure with the overhaul in gameplay this year if he was still a beast; appreciate the heads up!

  18. You aren’t the only one mate, I have received no promo cards despite completing virtually all possible objectives and participating in rivals, SB etc. The only high rated player I got is CR7 untradeable (not complaining) and I got him twice as a duplicate… something is very fishy when it comes to pack content this year

  19. Cancelo was an absolute game changer for me, really solid and offers attacking support as well

  20. I got a dupe Mbappe... Discarded and set a reminder in 6 days to recover 🤣

  21. Did the same with CR7, I’ll probably get him again this week in another SBC reward pack

  22. It hurts as there's no decent SBCs to stick him into.. even though that would feel like a crime in itself.

  23. Been playing Kante and Kessie, Kessie to go with forwards, they work amazing together

  24. I am really regretting not doing Kessie OTW following the comments on this post! Think I need to save up for kante

  25. You are going to want a holding midfield player. I myself play with Casemiro and Fabinho and hardly ever conceit a goal...

  26. I think that’s the best bet, I will try and get Fabinho as I already have casameiro and then change formation

  27. The old Euro Shopper 35p energy drinks that were probably radioactive as they always turned your poo green, were the go to when I was at school

  28. I have had the best pack weight of any Fifa so far which is enjoyable and makes the grind more worthwhile but like others have said it’s just the wait for the mountain of promos

  29. Xbox (series X) from UK looking to do the co-op objectives as none of my mates play Fifa. Drop me a message to get a game organised

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