1. So go do that rather than whining on Reddit about it to people who genuinely enjoy the show.

  2. YTA. You were making breakfast for your family and she is part of your family, right? Over easy eggs take less than a minute to make and would have gone a long way to show that this was a gift to her as well as the kids.

  3. That’s what they’re saying but idk why it’s not practical

  4. Think of it like costume makeup or haute couture fashion. It's meant to be beautiful and show off the skill of the artist, not worn while you run errands.

  5. For someone who is just a casual watcher it starts with a random middle age women giving birth

  6. I think 30 is generally considered the end of ‘youth’ and the beginning of middle-age. It would definitely be considered middle-aged in this quasi-medieval world.

  7. Same reasons guys post pictures of themselves flexing hard or lie about their height. Online dating is super shallow and you're trying to make a good physical impression because it's the only way to get someone to talk to you. Personally, when I was dating I expected people to look different between their pictures and when I saw them in person

  8. I have a giada deck and enough folks have talked about how great she is. Try to track down some cheaper angels if you can, like [serra avenger]. There's also cards that make angel tokens like [the book of exalted deeds]. Angels are almost all flyers, but running an [odric, lunar marshall] will ensure they all get lifelink/vigilance when most have just one or the other.

  9. It's literally a legal defense for murdering someone in multiple states. The ones where it's illegal have only changed it in the past 10 years.

  10. If you're someplace people go specifically to flirt with other people then yeah, nbd. If I'm working or just trying to walk down the street it's a different story.

  11. Yup. Same thing happens in conversations. I've started to just continue talking through men interrupting me and the results are fantastic.

  12. This reminds me of a social experiment I read about where a woman realized she was always the one to get out of a man's way. When she stopped being the one to move they just walked straight into her.

  13. Why are you putting insensitive in quotes like that? You called women thots and hoes in your post.

  14. Can we admit that it's silly that these valyrians are black. It goes from subtle he said she said to obvious signs of illegitiimacy.

  15. The kids of a mixed race person and a white person could pretty easily have fair skin. The brown hair is what makes it obvious in the book and the show.

  16. I noticed a pattern here. Do you think Marvel puts less work into their female-lead works? Because you rated nearly all of them poorly.

  17. I could be wrong on this, and my understanding on this is US based. But I've heard it that we capitalize Black because it is like capitalizing a country descriptor, like Canadian, or French, or American. That's where you get Black American, French American, Mexican American. But why Black and not a country in Africa? Because most of their ancestors came over as slaves. It isn't like records were kept from where. Sure, there are DNA tests you can take to get a general idea of where, but there isn't usually some strong connection to that region you can point back to and say, yeah my great grandfather talked about the old country. Black, at least in the US, is a kind of catch-all sub-nationality that Black people experience. And there is a difference between America and Black America. If there was a huge group of white people who came over here at some point and could only trace their ancestry by these new DNA tests, then I think you'd have a case for White being capitalized, but instead of White, we can use French, or German, or any other country or culture as that descriptor. The argument can be made that there is a White America to go along with Black America. However, the issue there is that White America is redundant. White America is just America, as it is the majority culture.

  18. This is exactly correct. We capitalize Black for the same reason we capitalize German, Japanese, or First Nation. It refers to a culture, not just a race.

  19. But Black culture is as diverse as all world cultures. For instance, a person from Nigeria will have very different culture and attitudes than a person from the Caribbean. As a man married to a woman of Caribbean heritage, I find is strangely over generalising to club all Black culture under a single umbrella term.

  20. I should have been more specific. Black culture in this context refers to Black American culture from the descendants of slaves. People who know their ancestors come from Nigeria or the Caribbean would normally identify themselves that way.

  21. The reason - and boy a lot of people are going to hate this...

  22. YTA. You didn't do anything illegal if it was only a verbal agreement, but it's still a dick move.

  23. This is why you don't shit where you eat. YTA. Getting ghosted sucks but you were massively unprofessional. Your reputation is the one that's going to take a hit when you make a scene at the place you own.

  24. He set up everyone in an impossible situation.

  25. He also didn't prepare her at all for what being an heir actually means. She spent the first 15 years of her life as the realm's delight without having to worry about politics and it shows.

  26. Don’t both of them live well into adulthood?

  27. Viserys might be entirely blind to why Rhaenyra's sons have dark hair or he's making excuses for her.

  28. He's not ignorant, he just loves his daughter and his grandkids and doesn't want anything bad to happen to them. As long as he's the king he can decide what's true and to argue against him is treason.

  29. She (they?) look cool as fuck in all of their interviews, a really androgynous/90s style.

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