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  1. Me and my brothers want to start a YouTube channel, and so I'm wondering what is a good starting mic for it, although the head set is fine I want a to have a mic for more than one person talking, since we plan on sometimes playing solo games, where one of us plays the game while we commentate. I do want to later buy another 2, but right now I just want a good beginner mic for the main set up, and I am fine with either USB or XLR, although I'm pretty sure I'll need an adapter for XLR.

  2. maybe but based on prime frame progression you are more likely to see a nagantaka prime instead with the eventual Garuda Prime for the "repeating crossbow" slot

  3. Bosses drop warframe parts and you can buy the blue prints at the store, I recomend rhino, he's great all the way through the game. Quest also give warfames so try to do them.

  4. I prefer melee over guns. my friend suggested Wukong. what do you think?

  5. Apologies I went to bed, for melee, Wukong is a great option, I also recommend Excalibur and Frost, once you get augment mods, for they can unlock some bug damage

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