1. I’m very confused as to what I’m looking at. Your in focus mode which makes the game have a depth of field effect

  2. ...i use wooden bridges for long swathes... just set them up and delete directly after

  3. It's without making revenue from trade, you can still buy, you just can't sell

  4. which really shouldNt be a thing at this point as IMHO the tax system hasNt been balanced yet

  5. I find it is relatively simple provided your resource management is optomised. Certainly a slow process but 1 Commoner for every 5 serfs, then when you have 100 commoners (and a big enough treasury) promote them all. Then it is a case of buying in luxuries to keep them happy but at least you can sell via trade at that point.

  6. It was a large account that could save the branch. They wanted to show a higher level of support for the customer. Michael for all his quirks had a reputation for being great salesman. Also turned out to be right call in the end.

  7. lol... yea, all that stuff u got as a part of a previous huge update.???..

  8. Fuck sakes! We were right looking forward to having our bike gang back ont road!

  9. yea...there's a boat or two...the wheelbarrow and those two modular cars that's finished...

  10. and theyLL let most of it run right out into the ocean and maintain theyRe still in a drought

  11. https://twitter.com/EpochTimes/status/1619788722429431809?s=20&t=p_l6uG8L__cVP_-wZKyGMw

  12. u mean like how her character in the office reacts when Josh Dummel walks in??

  13. That's Timothy Olyphant, not Josh Duhamel.

  14. Wait you’re saying that you wouldn’t try and suck your own dick using the portal gun?!? That’s just weird

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