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  1. Esto es lo último que voy hacer ya que voy a cumplir

  2. DIBU el verdadero MVP campeón del mundial. Salvó las semi finales y las finales.


  4. How is that even legal? How can random people perform medical procedures?

  5. It's human trafficking, it's sick that she's being persecuted for telling the truth.

  6. Increíble como pudo jugar con la rodilla jodida.

  7. Don't meet all the qualifications? Apply. Is the work two or more levels above what you're doing today? Apply. Have an unsupportive boss? Apply. Team run by all men? Apply.

  8. Same, I recently got a huge promotion and I'll be starting soon. I have the skills to perform the role just need to learn the specifics of the role. Usually what I do, I go full in the first 6 months, I read all the manuals, shadow the best people, study the role at home etc, I submerge myself in the role then after 6 months I become super proficient even more than the people that have been in the role much longer than me. It's not about how long you have been at a place, it's about what have you been doing with that time. Have you been challenging yourself? Do you go out of your way to learn something new? Once I become proficient at a role, I don't sit back, I pick up extra work in other areas and offer to help others so I can learn what they do. After the 6 months I pretty much can run the whole thing by myself (if I clone myself).

  9. Te faltó México qué por racismo no pusiste, por eso México apoya a Francia

  10. Porque el director técnico metió a los peores y adivina de qué país viene?

  11. No te hagas ilusiones, México no hubiera llegado a octavos ni con otro técnico, mucho menos a cuartos.

  12. Sería bueno que los bangledeshis cojieran para acá a celebrar si la selección gana..anulo mufa!

  13. Y para colmo el Reggianito es la imitación del Parmigianino reggiano.

  14. Si ganamos el mundial salgo del basement de mi mama y abandonado Reddit para vivir una vida saludable al máximo, anulo mufa.

  15. Cómo si tuvieramos plata para arreglar un juego 🤣.

  16. Para nada, en este día tan especial sos la jefa copada y todos te van a amar. La selección a un paso de la final. No es poca cosa.

  17. Es que a nadie le importa aqui, no vivo en Argentina.

  18. ¿Donde vivís? ¿Algún país en el Caribe? ¿O algún país que ya lo eliminaron del Mundial?

  19. Reddit actualizó el reproductor de video! listo ya está, Argentina gana la copa del mundo

  20. Como lo banco a Acuña. Sera tosco pero es un caballo, se corre todo y esta en todas. Y nose como agregar un todEs ahí.

  21. i left it soon after that. those comments were a dumpster fire and clear proof the women in that sub don’t really care about women. what did you say to get banned?

  22. I know I called out the insanity of the thread and other similar threads so I striked out.

  23. yeah that and some of the other feminist subs are very hypocritical. mind numbing

  24. I got banned from witches vs patriarchy for asking, why all the art depicting women, were of naked women.

  25. Hay que volver en el tiempo y tener una charla corta con mark.

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