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  1. This sounds like a Days of Supply conversation. We use it every day to understand how long our current inventory will last.

  2. I’m very rough with EOQ but wouldn’t you just divide demand into, seasons, quarters, months etc to smooth out volatility?

  3. From my experience, smoothing out volatility works on paper, but it's a bad strategy in practice. You will end out holding too much inventory during low seasons and stockouts during peak seasons. My experience is in CPG - retail / manufacturing.

  4. Something doesn't seem right if you've already gone through 2 batteries in 3 years. Any aftermarket alarm system or non-standard electrical equipment installed? You may need to have a test run looking for dark current draw, or whatever the term is.

  5. No aftermarket or non-standard equipment was installed. The first time the battery died out in the middle of the road. I took it to the mechanic and he said the battery looked really old. So I went back to the dealership asking them about it. They showed me a receipt indicating that they put a new battery in when they sold me the car. They also gave me another brand new battery at that time. The car was fine for about 6 months. Now, this issue has reappeared. I am gonna get the battery checked again. If it looks older than it should, it would indicate something is draining the batteries uncontrollably.

  6. Hopefully the dealer gave you crap batteries and it's not an issue with your car. Maybe try an independent place like an AutoZone (or whatever your local equivalent is) to test your battery.

  7. Alright, I will do that. Thank you for your help!!!

  8. im at 90k with 12% bonus in GTA for associate manager level

  9. Hey thanks for your reply…..3% seems low? What kind raises have you received in the past? 3% was promised, they actually gave me 1.5%.

  10. between jobs 25%+, most ive gotten within the same job is 10%.

  11. Wow that's eye-opening for me. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I live in a 50 year old building, you can buy 2 beds for about 500k, 3 beds for about 550-600k ( I'm guessing). Maintenance roughly 480-520 a month depending on 2 or 3 bed. Each unit has a parking spot too.

  13. Wow just 520 for maintenance? I pay 690 for 2 bedrooms!!

  14. Would you please share what type of things you spend your days working on? Is it routine stuff like planning, budgeting, reviewing vs creative work like research, strategic planning, projects vs reacting to fires?

  15. Wow that's a lot of responsibility. But you must be extremely knowledgeable. How do manage so many responsibilities - how do you decide what to work on when?

  16. Look up SCM MicroMasters program from MITx through EdX.

  17. In supply chain, experience is way more important than degrees. Although I have a biology degree, I have had the privilege of working in inventory management, production scheduling, production planning, and now in demand planning. Inventory management is a good start since all other functions impact inventory.

  18. Lol it may take even longer during Covid

  19. From basic to advanced: Excel, SQL, VBA, DAX, Python/R

  20. But what can they be used for in a planning role?

  21. Applications really depend on which planning function (demand planning, production planning, materials planning, procurement, S&OP) you are a part of. Below are some examples based on what I know and my experiences:

  22. I can see my building in this picture!!

  23. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

  24. Quick thought....if I were to evaluate your response, I would look for the following:

  25. Another question. If you were given a spreadsheet with components (50), monthly periods (6), and component demand/requirements (ranging from 10-150), how might you go about forming an MRP and/calculating material needs? There’s a lot of ambiguity, my thought was to total the gross requirements per month and form an MRP table, but without any scheduled receipts of products from the MPS, it can be quite tricky since the on hand amount and LT information is provided but scarce.

  26. The first thing you need is the BOM. Do you know how the parent-child relationships look like along with the usage rates? Also, the more levels you have in the BOMs the more complicated it will get. Make an assumption that you have 0 inventory on hand and 0 receipts. Also, assume that lead time is let's say 1, and just follow the process noted in the CPIM manual. Explode and offset. All the planned receipts will equal the net requirements since there's no inventory and will be offset by 1 (week or day etc.. )

  27. Quick advice: I know everyone says Part 1 is easy and just study definitions and pocket prep and you will pass. But my position is that if you study part 1 properly, take good notes, and really make sure you understand the concepts, it will make studying for part 2 a lot easier. Think long-term. Here's a post I made after passing both parts:

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