Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread


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  1. A lot of people I’ve talked to has praised Mike as being a good man, a noble individual.

  2. Mike is not a good dude when compared to the bulk of society. However, when compared to the world in which he operates and the contemporaries he finds himself around he is about as good as you can possibly get in terms of being fair, transparent, loyal, and moral (as moral as you can be as a hired gun for a drug kingpin).BUT I think that's where the notion that he's good comes from, is compared to every other shit bag like Gus, Eladio, Lalo, Walt, Jack, Todd, Mike is absolutely the gold standard and a fan favorite for a reason

  3. Honestly for as affordable as the Jr is, I'd just bite the bullet for the 300 and know you've got it warranted for life from KJ.

  4. I've always been way late to turn on the anti-hero of these type of shows, same thing happened with me and Tony Soprano no matter how toxic he got. I connected with Walt from the very first episode in seeing how the world was kicking this regular guy while he was down when all he wanted to do was take care of his family. It allowed me to justify awful thing after another because I felt Walt was 'just doing what he had to so' no matter how awful he was becoming. But for me when Walt killed Mike I was just disgusted how short sighted and idiotic he was in that moment. I rooted hard for Walt to take down Jack and his crew, as I'm sure almost everyone was, but part of me enjoyed seeing him get his just deserts of losing his family and everything he worked for in Ozymandias.

  5. What if that last scene was just Saul getting buckets on the court.

  6. Going to die happy one day knowing I watched both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul finales live

  7. I feel that, same feeling for me watching the BB pilot and the first episode of BCS on the nights they first aired (AND saw El Camino in theaters on opening night haha). I am going to miss this BB/BCS universe very much.

  8. Initially I was really bummed out hearing that Jeff had to be recast, since to that point all we saw was the very sinister appearing first meeting between Jeff and Gene. Now that it has played out, I think the new actor fits what Jeff ended up really being much better. The first Jeff was imposing, shifty, and seemed to know much much more than he was letting on.

  9. No, watch as intended, BB - El Camino - BCS. If you try to do it in any other order you will spoil many elements of both shows and the movie.

  10. Keys scumbag. It's the universal symbol for keys.

  11. Oooo a breaking bad/BCS/Game Grumps crossover, I'm all in brother!

  12. Light some coals, open the vents, and turn it to dust! Good as new

  13. Absolutely, as long as the lid and base aren't cracked! Just bought one in similar shape from offer up for 250, spent about another 125 or so on new wheels, redoing the gaskets with new fiberglass ones, replacing the handle, and buying a divide and conquer set. After a clean burn and deep clean on everything it's a beauty and just as good as a new one for half the price

  14. One will still look the same in 50 years if you take care of it with a little oil. The other is slowly giving you cancer as you eat a little bit of the forever chemical coating every meal, even if you're careful with the heat and tools.

  15. Stop being weird dude. He's excited about a good deal, zero need to be an ass about it.

  16. Very nice! These always looked well made and seems like you got a good price. Start with some street tacos!

  17. I think after hitting the same grand slam with Bryan Cranston, who was also mostly known for comedic roles, that they somehow knew they could do the same with Bob

  18. Walt, Jesse, Saul, Mike, Lalo (hurts to leave Gus off the list though)

  19. I honestly interpreted the accident as something he did on purpose to create a distraction for Gene to slip out. I figured there was a call/text from Gene inside the house telling him to do it.

  20. Assuming some sort of RICO/racketeering charge

  21. Johnny Sack was the Goat, but did you ever notice that Moltisanti is the only motherfucker who can smoke a cigarette in the rain with his hands tied behind his back? That nose is like a natural canopy.

  22. Fuck you talking about, I just did. You wanna talk like that I'll send you to slip and fall school.

  23. 2009 tiny desk version is unbelievable and among one of my favorite sons ever.

  24. Kembaaaahhh Walkaaaaahhhh Gambo voice intensifies

  25. If you're wanting easiest and best quality, go with a Weber Spirit. High quality, built like a tank, great warranty and perfect for a beginner.

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