1. Useful at logistical points.... Weapons factories, oil refineries, gas pipelines.

  2. The intentional targeting of civilians is an atrocity and a war crime.

  3. Time for NATO to nut up. That terrorist isn’t gonna kill itself.

  4. it's like rapist blaming his victim for being dressed to nice and wearing makeup.

  5. Lavrov: “In Russia, rape is a sign of affection.”

  6. If you believe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had anything to do with protecting ethnic minorities I’d say it’s you who’s been brainwashed. Oh, and comrade… I have a bridge to sell you…

  7. Interesting and makes a lot of sense

  8. It is particularly important that Putin’s most powerful ally is telling him straight up “no.” Putin can’t win a conventional war in Ukraine and now can’t nuke without risking relations with the one country currently keeping Russia afloat.

  9. I am sure that nice Mr Putin has never dreamt of doing totally unacceptable things in Ukraine...

  10. Iuliia Mendel is a journalist, the author of “The Fight of Our Lives,” and a former press secretary for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

  11. I’m starting to get excited for number 100,000! I think the 100,000th dead orc should win a prize.

  12. Is this seriously some russian piece of shit sad that he isn't allowed to steal someones country?

  13. She looks like she’s thinking about all that Russian dick she sucked for nothing.

  14. Sorry comrade, only room for looted toilet in truck.

  15. Supply them? Are we watching the same war? Russia doesn’t plan to supply its conscript army, Putin just throws them out there to die.

  16. Sources on both sides have confirmed that Ukrainian forces have full control of Bilozerka west of Kherson, as well as Chornobaivka on the immediate northern edge of the town. Both of these places have been, in the recent past, areas with high concentrations of Russian forces and equipment.

  17. I'd love to see the range of vessels individual Russian soldiers are attempting to cross the Dnipro with. I wonder if there are a few kayaks, intertubes, ad hoc rafts, etc.

  18. The air war over Ukraine could have gone either way in the first few weeks of Russia’s wider war on the country starting in late February.

  19. I like this comment from Joe: Regarding the timing of the announcement, he added: “I find it interesting that they waited until after the [US midterm] election to make that judgment.”

  20. I’m not sure they are lying. It’s clear they are not very good at logistics or complex operations. Pulling out of Kherson without things turning into an utterly devastating rout will not be easy. They will have to keep a LOT of troops in place to screen the retreat and this could easily turn into a nightmare for Russia.

  21. Was the frame and body held by a blu tack? Also why would armoured car have aftermarket alloys?

  22. U.S. elections not looking likely to put enough Republicans in power to shift U.S. policy in favor of Russia and the the Kremlin withdraws from Kherson.

  23. Great news! GOP take over of both house and senate seeming less likely. They will probably retake the house which will still have an impact on funding but much less likely to be the complete betrayal of Ukraine many prominent elected Republicans have been calling for.

  24. WASHINGTON — After eight continuous months of combat, Ukraine is running low on the missiles that its Soviet-era air defense systems use to shoot down Russian drones and warplanes. But on Monday, according to U.S. and Ukrainian officials, the country received its first shipment of an advanced weapon whose design helps solve the supply problem.

  25. HALF of their battle tanks but also most of their modern and good serviceable tanks. The other half? T62s and shit.

  26. Disappointing factoid… Russia does not have many T34’s stored in operational state.

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