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One Piece: Chapter 1042

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  1. I didn’t play Sword or Shield until recently after support wound down. Did the raids change a lot when transfer support for strong legendaries came out? Like did they all become easier cause everyone brought a Mewtwo to the raids?

  2. Raiding became a little easier with Homes release in SwSh as people didn’t necessarily have to grind Pokemon to beat 5 star raids and could just transfer their strongest. But by this point people were pretty wise as to how to raid the strongest dens, so the change wasn’t massive :) just lots of Zacians and type-effective mons and what-not!

  3. I bet some people would try, but with the nerfs to Intrepid Sword plus the lack of bonus damage from Behemoth Blade this generation, I doubt it would be that useful aside from super effective raid battles!

  4. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, but I tried +6 Def +6 Sp Attack Stored Power in solo and it only brought Cinderace down to half HP before the shield went up? Has it been buffed?

  5. Depends on your nature but you can also throw in an attack cheer for good measure. Worked fine for me in my solo raids.

  6. Strange only because it worked just fine on the first week of Cinderace. I’ll keep that in mind though :)

  7. All were caught using the outbreak method. No shiny charm. My wife nicknamed them all: Bonnie the Tsareena (3 hours to find); Ozzia the Espathra (30 seconds, 3 encounters to find!); Long Richard the Sandaconda (3 hours to find); Gaston the Revavroom (4.5 hours to find); Genzaidon the Cyclizar (6 hours to find) and Wednesday the Medicham (1 hour to find). I love shiny hunting in this game!

  8. I’ll be on that hill with you, friend. Fire Croc gang for life.

  9. Any chance you have any extra Careful (+SpD/-SpA) and/or Quiet (+SpA/-Spd) dittos? I am trying to get all of the natures and those 2 I am missing.

  10. So sorry, I only have one ditto and it’s the one I just got traded! :(

  11. Of course dude, can you trade it back though? Pain to get! :)

  12. Performance issues aside, this is the best Pokemon story yet, hands down. I’m post-post game and still enjoying all of it. I have a feeling I’ll play through the game multiple times over in the next few years.

  13. Bro I’m an adult man, sitting at my desk at work, watching the episode unfold and as soon as I saw all of Ash’s previous Pokemon appear and cheer Pikachu on, I started weeping uncontrollably. What an unbelievable climax for our boy. I bloody love this franchise.

  14. When Pikachu was fading, I was like “You’re Good, You’re Good, You’re Good”

  15. I was saying to myself “it’s okay, you can rest now” almost accepting the fact that he was gunna lose again then bam, he wakes up

  16. Really appreciate this and will probably come back to it a lot. I always forget the terminologies and this was so easy to follow. Also, great animation work, dude!

  17. Did you have super brittle in middle , 52x sniper on a carrier flagship/paragon for good coverage, I even had a 25x glue XD. Make sure you space out your paragons and vtsg decently. I had my boat and dart paragon in the right pool nearest the top as he exits top right.

  18. Spacing & S Brittle was the answer! I tried again and put paragons in 3 of the 4 water spots spread out with brittle in the middle and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip bro 😁

  19. What was your strat for getting two 50+ paragons? The first four tiers of elite were so easy that I yolo'd my paragons at like ~20 cos I assumed tier 5 would also be easy. Yeah I was wrong.

  20. I had to micro with pausing between some crucial rounds like 99 and 119, selling farms and other towers to work around the tower limit, and efficiently putting down Totems from Geraldo every time one became available. I did also buy Geraldo level 20 early so I could have access to totems sooner. Ended up with a level 52 Dart, Level 50 Boat (which I had making money from very early on), Level 42 Ninja and Level 28 Boomerang. Took me a couple tries to get the micro right…

  21. How so? I just want to know if buying a ticket is worth it or not living in a remote area, and if any benefits are still available to non-ticket buyers?

  22. Have fun with it! There’s so much to explore and is honestly a great game. Do you have the DLC too?

  23. Because I’m totally in denial about that final blow, what if it’s future sight? Kaido did mention it in this chapter… In all seriousness, I’m not sure how Luffy’s gunna bounce back from this one since that was an almighty smack down!

  24. Growing up I had multiple encounters with girls who I wanted to lose my virginity to, but as a shy boy I couldn’t make the first move and it would end kinda awkwardly and nothing would happen… that was from about 17 onwards. Fast forward a couple of years to University, and I continued having lots of drunken encounters with girls where it would start off great with foreplay and such but when it came to do the deed, either I couldn’t get it up or we just ended up falling asleep. However in my final year of University I had a one night stand with a friend of a friend who was visiting for the weekend - stayed up all night in my room smoking, drinking and bonking in between playing Rocket League. Morning after she gave me a big kiss and went back home, and I never saw her again!

  25. I like it. It's a good idea, especially for a Fire/Water type. Good interpretation of an AI thing. :)

  26. I have a Cherubi. Do you have any of the starters?

  27. Unrelated but who makes the graphics/3D models for the legendaries in these info sheets? They’re absolutely stunning and they entire sheet is laid out so nicely!

  28. Great start! One thing I’ve learnt with creating logos is to be careful with gradients. The same effect can be achieved with good colour placements and even shadows if need be. But block colour is 90% of the time a better choice.

  29. I just had my prinplup evolve, but instead of his nickname the message used the Japanese name. I'm playing in English.

  30. I looked it up the other day and I’m pretty sure physical preorders have it too. Or so I thought

  31. I’ve just looked on Serebii and it says it’ll be a Mystery Gift until Feb 21st. Based on that I may risk it and buy a cartridge on release day instead as that’s all I want really!

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