1. I unironically like Gungaroo and Flame Hyenard, I wish they did more with Axl having to fight his comrades, and the gameplay from what I’ve seen did not do those characters any favors.

  2. Honestly after seeing the Denmark Royals strip their children’s children’s Royal status to thin their monarchy on Twitter I would absolutely believe this would be true

  3. We got quite a few furry skins, but female furry skins were super rare because Epic made sure to make them mainly into costumes when it came to female skins. (The “female werewolf” skin being a girl with glowing eyes and nothing else)

  4. I have absolutely dreamed a season where a pair of surfer dudes won Paq Bros style.

  5. “You’ve got an Amazing Race partner in mind now?” “Terrance”

  6. To be fair, I would trust a bus driver to either drive good or have map reading skills

  7. Noelle accidentally saving her ride or die because her bracelet is pretty would be hilarious

  8. Little Monsters is a zombie comedy movie that takes place during a field trip at a petting zoo.

  9. Every day I log into Wikipedia to shrink Garen’s head another millimeter until someone notices

  10. To think Turner was introduced to the show with some gag world record thing minutes before they had to show him winning HOH

  11. It served as a reminder to any future houseguests to not injure their ankle if they don’t want the squeaky edit

  12. “Now Nicole, I know some people got blood on their hands this game, but you’re the only one to get poop flakes on yours. Would you like to comment on this?”

  13. Maryanne and Taylor are the reasons why you don’t give people who’s entire CAREER is to make speeches to help others agree with you a ticket to the finals

  14. I’m so scared of this finale guys I’m gonna just purposefully miss it and let Twitter results tell me

  15. I miss the gay furry webcomic that I used to read but then I realized the author used their break to illustrate an entire hardcover graphic novel and I absolutely understand why there was a hiatus.

  16. If Taylor wins this, 2022 would be a great year for reality tv show winners oh my gosh

  17. Who were you rooting for on the Amazing Race US? Just curious.

  18. For the last season, I was rooting for Connie and Sam, but switched to the Holderness’s after the COVID break.

  19. I’m rewatching the RHAP draft and Daniel being first pick with Turner being the last pick (Indy going to chat) is so funny looking at our potential final 3

  20. Nicole’s “secret weapon”, thinking that she could turn Indy into a bomb by yelling at her, and then her, Daniel, and Terrance waiting in the bedroom like children waiting for it to blow up, only for Indy to shrug it off and hang in the bathroom with the others.

  21. Oh my gosh I love that Dhalism’s family is still cheering for him in the background of his stage. Looks like his kid hit puberty!

  22. If this game has the Tekken/Soul Calibur animal masks or monster options I’m IN

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