1. I like the Alice and wonderland music at night

  2. I hope they just normalize diversity in their movies. Coco and moana were two great modern steps, but I feel they need to create more characters for everyone to relate too.

  3. Missing princess eilonwy from the black cauldron

  4. Rescuers Down Under was made during the Disney Renaissance period. It is much much better than the original Rescuers movie. I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorites. And I think I’ll watch it tomorrow as well. It’s so nice having all of the Disney collection at your fingertips!

  5. As I figured. Disney was making classics in the 90s.

  6. Since it is made over a decade later the animation looks much better. It’s also a faster paced film with a bit more comedy.

  7. For sure would make Magic Kingdom one of your days. The other day in my opinion all depends on what you two are looking for. I would think either EPCOT or Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios is better if your a Star Wars fan or bigger thrill seeker. However if you are looking for a more cultural experience EPCOT is slower and adds the World Showcase Pavilion. Lots of people use this pavilions many different country themed foods and drinks too eat and drink around the world.

  8. I feel you mean the original but can you please specify if you mean the original version or live action remake please.

  9. The original for sure. The ballroom scene is great theatre or home. But at the theater wow the beauty.

  10. The remake’s ballroom dance doesn’t even begin to compare to the original version’s ballroom dance. It’s good but the original version is in my opinion 1 million times better.

  11. I’ve always thought that a Coco ride would be fun in the Mexico Pavilion. I was thinking a ride on Pepita through the Land of the Dead would be amazing. It could be similar to the design of the Avengers attraction going to Disney’s California Adventure where everyone’s seat goes to a different viewing area instead of staying in one spot like Soarin.

  12. when your tells you too get the food out of the oven

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