1. Francis always had the inflated ego as part of his comedy/persona, but the firing experience definitely has him coming off more grounded in this interview than I remember. Dave should really look at bringing him back in some way, would be a win-win.

  2. Yea can’t wait for him to come back and make content that nobody listens to. All 3 of these guys have tons of experience in that

  3. ... said the guy spending his free time talking about these 3 guys on the internet.

  4. I forget if the rule of thumb is 1800 or 2250 touches before RB decline, I've heard both I think. But CMC only has ~1100 career touches, so I'm willing to gamble on him having more highly elite productivity before a retirement or steep decline.

  5. He hasn’t played a full season since 2019. No need to look at his touches if he can’t get on the field

  6. Give him 30 million. Y’all still think we were overreacting about these red flags?

  7. Reflecting on the last 10 years of the podcast is what kfc normally does anyway

  8. We’re about to have zero farm system once again, when Greene is officially called up.

  9. How many top 100 prospects do we have?

  10. 2. Plenty of good players like kreidler and Lester. Plenty of talent plus whoever they draft this season

  11. This. The offense was never supposed to be a real good one but certainly around average. Can't stand people who act like we all should have seen this coming. You're right, virtually everyone hitting .200 points less on their career OPS is something we all should have saw coming...

  12. So you thought the middle of our lineup being javy, cabby, candy was above average? Oh Can’t forget home run machine robbie grossman

  13. Anyone who thought this lineup was going to give us a ton of runs had their heads in the clouds

  14. Seems like houston couldn’t wait to get rid of him. He won’t be a good fit for Dallas if a championship is what they want

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