1. Dome, terminal or high rise is my guess for the other map or some dumb shit from the rebirth island

  2. Stop being optimistic, they keep these maps for the DLC that will come later this year...

  3. Mw2 is very well optimized so Im sure he gets a better framerate than you'd think

  4. "One thing I do not want to see is the same storyline with new faces"

  5. Imagine a thing simmilar to San Martin Bank where he'll constantly argue with Hoxton

  6. "Hey shithead" - "Fockin twat"

  7. KD says more about the gap between you & the friends you are playing with (as long as you don't solo-queue only obviously)

  8. Having the "Heirloom" Desert Eagle skin for Csgo in your inventory would then be the top of the cherry

  9. Yeah it's stupid, you should get the kill and whoever finishes them off gets the assist.

  10. or at least the other way round like in previous games, or something similar to "suicide help"

  11. So the last one you described, is that like human instinct? Like feeling fear or pleasure and just reacting instinctively.

  12. & regarding the question from your edit: I remember a german article about the so-called Aphantasia that describes the impressions of some affected people. F.e. a woman tells that the first time her aphantasia made her sad was when her father died. She could tell you f.e. his height, hair color or that he had protruding ears, but it's more like a factsheet for her. She can tell you those things because she knows them, not because she sees them. She then says "somehow Aphantasia takes away the emotional component of memories", so I guess memories are stored in a format more similar to knowledge

  13. regarding that last type of thought - it doesn't have to be formed in words or as an image for you to know what you mean. I sometimes have these thoughts, it can also be on the same "intellectual level" (can't think of a better word for that right now) as the other 2, but often these thoughts later get converted into words or pictures (both either consciously or "automatically"), especially when I want to preserve them since the initial form tends to be less tangible & therefore less memorable

  14. Well, based on other comments, I don't believe it's a Gold Arabesque, he had this skin back when he bought me the game. Probably just a regular gold skin. He named it "=^ .^ =" I believe as well.

  15. is there a pattern of the "Case Hardened" skin that has high proportions of yellow/gold?

  16. What if Tarkin only told Vader to stop because he saw Motti getting a boner from it?

  17. Hell I’d even be excited to play that damn trailer park again!!

  18. As long as it's not Wasteland, Derailed or Downturn...

  19. Thanks for the suggestion what would you guys think are the essential books I have to read prior to them? Is the whole of NJO necessary?

  20. It's not completely necessary, but you should definitely know the basics of what happened during that time, same goes for the Dark Nest trilogy (I hadn't touched DN & NJO yet when I read LotF for the first time, but roughly knew what was going on during that time)

  21. Aka Gespensterstaffel/Dinnerstaffel/Alberne Staffel

  22. not to mention some of the ship or droid names

  23. Wer sind Sie, dass Sie es wagen, sich meinen Befehlen zu widersetzen?

  24. Against any races within a single species, not that I'm aware of. Probably because the different species are more like a stand-in for different races, while different races of humans are still just considered human.

  25. To add to this, f.e. the Hutts & Arkanians think of other species as inferior beings as well & the Yevethans are a top contender for "most xenophobic dudes" next to the Vong

  26. that seems more to be "upper class people" vs "lower class people".

  27. I was thinking the same, but 2 things speak against it:

  28. HGich.T = vollkommen unterschätzter deutscher Kulturschatz. Jetzt aber erstmal zur nächsten Full Moon, bisschen Psy-Trance ballern.

  29. & morgen wieder zurück in die Hauptschule

  30. Mal darüber nachgedacht, dass deine Paranoia durch den Bubatz verursacht wurde? Das ist eine starke Nebenwirkung.

  31. Schon mal darüber machgedacht, dass seine Paranoia durchaus gerechtfertigt ist?

  32. I don't even understand what portal is, just been ignoring anything that isn't breakthrough, conquest, or grand ops for years. Am I missing anything? What do you mean by 'main game'?

  33. it was one of the main selling points of the game...

  34. I'm gonna buy battlefield regardless I don't need to be "sold"

  35. Still, you know what I mean, it was one of its main features

  36. The meelee system (though it has some frustrating bugs, it still is so satisfying to get the animation)

  37. Ist es doch - in der Genfer Konvention*

  38. Haven't heard of it at all. Been playing regularly so maybe it is for new players only?

  39. i think it depends on the server, f.e. that german "no shotguns no crane" noshahr TDM server gives the bonus

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