1. Why? genuine question. Hear so many people ridiculing him, when questioned they don't know why they dislike him.

  2. He fell asleep. LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. He has a disabled child that requires round-the-clock care. He’s allowed to fall asleep from time to time. IMO.

  4. I'm mocking the dumb dumbs that keep bring up he fell asleep.

  5. You’ve got the wrong idea about unions altogether. They protect their members yeah but that doesn’t make them anti change. Health care workers will gladly embrace any change that improves patient care and do all the time. Strikes are brought to bear in healthcare typically only as a last resort and often patient concerns are at the back of it, such as understaffing. Healthcare workers are leaving the sector in droves rather than protest, and they’re not coming back. Recruitment is another problem not to mention the best we produce being poached by other countries. Tell me again it’s the unions.

  6. Ah come on lad, why are you getting angry at me. I am talking about a possibility of what could happen, stop losing you shit.

  7. I’m not getting angry but to say that the troubles in healthcare are somehow the fault of the unions is just categorically wrong. Hope u take that on board now, cheers.

  8. I never said it was the unions fault

  9. Ok, I'll start pooping then

  10. Ah did he say something mean about Sinn Fein, do you want a hug?

  11. Why doesn't Russia just surrender?, they're just dragging the war out, they lost and are being big babies about it.

  12. No pudd, no sausage, no rasher, scrambled instead of fried egg, something that isn't a slice of pan toast

  13. My sex life has more action than a match of NFL.

  14. I wonder where he pooped.

  15. The government has incentivised/suggested people take up a trade instead of a third level, and the usually perpetually outrage crowd lost there shit that the government had the audacity to suggest such a thing.

  16. I've said it once and I'll say it again

  17. Number of people getting on and off.

  18. Once again pseudo slavery.

  19. Oh it will be a white christmas, if you know what I mean.

  20. Oh, I guess you do know what I mean.

  21. Why not buy €200 worth of butter?

  22. Oh shit is there a housing crisis of something?

  23. Oh weird, that was the meetup point when I was over for the six nations.

  24. People about to be really fucking angry because Ireland isn’t made out to be a shithole

  25. My guess will be their arguments will be crimes aren't being reported/logged/something something Garda corruption

  26. Service guarantees citizenship

  27. I don’t know if Agree with the idea of that but I think I know where you’re coming from.

  28. I don't think you know where I'm coming from

  29. Sound like you don't need to be there

  30. Did that shite just jinks the weather again?

  31. NOOOOOO!!!! they're back

  32. Is there supposed to be something in particular we are looking at here?

  33. I think OP is having a moment

  34. You're a fair few year late to be raging about them supporting the 4 provinces

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