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  1. yes the name isn’t original, saw it in an earlier post but i just couldn’t resist

  2. Super weird but a video about Hollow Knight References in other media. One of King’s plushies in the opening scene of S1 is like the protagonist, then I forgot about it. Then during march I decided to watch it and I never looked back.

  3. Ok cool. Idk how we can conduct the transaction but let me IM you my email to start? How does that sound?

  4. Emails fine but I want to take some time to think on it, maybe tomorrow or the day after

  5. "Bosnian Ape Socienty" for those who dont like to click links. Good job giving credits, I came here to do that if you werent Faster.

  6. They have such informative videos such how to stop your home invasion in El Paso, Texas on December 1st 2027 using thermonuclear weapons

  7. You can always try and spin pokestops to get a scan Challenge to get some poffins

  8. Happened to me like twice recently. I think Evolution is a solid challenge, but when they get a very specific run-ending item, it feels like a completely undeserved loss

  9. Sometimes when the enemies get a dio’s best friend, they get nearly full invincible and kill your run

  10. This is what I needed in my life: Amity, Luz, and her mom, singing Mr. Blue Sky to an egg

  11. God there are many episodes to choose from, but I’m going to guess Hollow Mind

  12. More people should be talking about Ereban: Shadow Legends. It looks so good, it’s stealth based, and it has a unique feature so the it

  13. Lucky you, we don't even have season 2 in my country

  14. W C O Is so FUN right dot C O M This was the only way I could get around automod

  15. Geez that’s a lot of damage. I did a run with loader and I only got 2 Billion damage at stage 26. How did you do it

  16. I started growing some zucchini about 2-3 weeks ago and they were doing fine until a few days ago when they started wilting. I’m a first time gardener so I don’t know what to do.

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