1. Freedomheit 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅

  2. You should read Gladiator by Seyary-Minamoto to get a good idea of what an op non-bender would look like.

  3. Getsuga tensho, but for real classic kamehameha can’t be beat

  4. There have been some rebel factions but theyve all been stomped out by the Interglobal Empire. The most notable one being the underground fighting ring of Goritopia rising up to fight the government after they tried shutting down the fights

  5. Is there a black market for tech? I imagine factory workers might be able to smuggle some things away and sell them. Are there any notable people in the underworld?

  6. yes there is however its very hard for people to get into as theyd need go get there tracker cut out but still have it go through their daily routine. the underground black market is a risky place to be as even if one person doesnt remove their tracker or shows off their new tech the whole area will be raided and shut down. its run by a Nubruion born off the grid named viisi tähdenlentoa luolan yläpuolella (Stars Caveworth in human naming method) who runs the whole thing with workers grown in off the grid life tubes who have no consciousness.

  7. Is there space travel? And is it a daily occurrence?

  8. 7 days is too long. Is there an express service? 2-3 business days?

  9. Yes. You see that word is exponentially important in its use as an indicator of singularity.

  10. On YouTube probably, look up puss in boots vs death final battle

  11. Ayo as a Muslim let me tell you. You can marry up to 4 wives yes but most guys don’t do that because:

  12. Bruh the woman is only supposed to take care of the kids until they’re old enough to care for themselves, make your own food. And the Prophet SAW cleaned and cooked and helped with the kids and around the house in general. Be a good Muslim and follow his example smh.

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