1. Rear differential, the part that turns longitudinal driveshaft rotation, into lateral rotation to spin the wheels. The carrier is the part that spins in the middle, this one exploded, destroying everything in there. The only thing good is the axle housing itself. The cheapest option would be to go get a whole axle from the junk yard & bolt it in.

  2. Good advice on the goggles, most people disregard those. You can only loose an eye twice.

  3. Lol, twice. But, you can lose fingers & thumbs up to 10 times, so, screw gloves. Shrapnel from exploding electronics hurts.

  4. I mean, I get that people aren't educated in all aspects tire related. Even I have to ask questions about load and speed ratings when purchasing a new set. But to be that willfully ignorant about it boggles my mind.

  5. Me: at the tire shop, "can you give me a load inflation chart for my new tires?"

  6. Right? Just like 99% of them could never do a basic trade or even landscaping type job.

  7. Resume says, “Social Justice Entrepreneur”

  8. For all the fuckery you owners have had to put up with, I hope you get a great class action law suit. If the vehicle is still under warranty, a loaner car should immediately be handed over. A work buddy had his engine blow 6 weeks ago. Still no loaner and the car is still at the dealership waiting for it’s new engine.

  9. Seems like they would quickly run out of loaner cars, especially when theres an engine shortage.

  10. i agree i’ve worked with some hard working muslims, ive also worked with them taking many breaks to pray, there was a paper leaked telling job centres to just get them to sign them off every two weeks so they just get their benifits, i had to walk over fire to prove i’ve looked for work to get my £50, the gud ol days, im still waiting to get my white privlage benifits

  11. And we are supposed to believe everyone voted for more of this? What's bidens approval rating? Senate? Congress?

  12. It has a microphone as well, so you can pick between semi-auto pictures or full-auto video.

  13. What gave it away, it’s tripod or extended lens?

  14. A group of scorpions is called a scorpnado. And yes, if the habitat is good for one, it's good for many. They arent gonna fight off all newcomers.

  15. You've probably never had a real homemade pumpkin pie, like all made from scratch, none of the canned stuff. Its so much better. I really miss my moms homemade pumpkin pie.

  16. I have. They even grew the pumpkin. Then they forgot spices and used Karo syrup from the jar as a topping 😂😂😂😂 one bite and done.

  17. Hmm probably for pro customers if I had to guess. Organize something outside of work with your fellow coworkers would be my advice. As if you do something inside of work management may take it the wrong way.

  18. They might assume you're collaborating to form a union, and have to shut down the whole store.

  19. In the US, the fourth-gen ('91 - '96) B-Body was used for the Caprice PPV and the civilian Caprice and Impala SS. The '93 - '96 D-Body was essentially the same platform with a longer wheelbase and more rear seat legroom. It was used for the RWD Cadillac Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham. This follows the Holden Commodore / Holden Caprice pattern.

  20. I didnt know that the north american Caprice PPV was built on the longer platform than the Chevy SS.

  21. That's not quite the same thing, whilst I generally agree with you, the Caprice, formerly the Statesman, is a longer wheelbase Chevy SS AKA Commodore.

  22. Oklahoma? That’s the only one I remember that has that rule, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn of another one.

  23. Stick an EcoBoost 4 banger in it, then the only thing that will be roasted is the tires, well, and maybe a head gasket.

  24. Ehh yes really. You are just citing precedence of a case where remote killing was used to solve a situation but you are completely missing the point. Completely, let me reiterate. This is a extremely fragile line, and we have to hold it and push against it, regardless of how many times we’ve already walked right past it. We already do it in different ways, some rudimentary others sophisticated, it doesn’t matter. The point is that killing has to have risk and material consequence for the ones involved in the action especially those executing it. We need to think beyond situations where facilitating remote killing is favourable, else there’s a dark future ahead.

  25. I don’t agree with this OR trust police with more power, but the bare bones is at least that a) it’s not an autonomous robot, it’s a conscious human mind making the decision (which, to your point, has not gone well in warfare situations) and b) the SFPD says in the article that this would be extreme, unlikely scenarios, they just want potential access to the tool. Do I think they could abuse it? Yes, without a doubt. But the intent, at the very least, is coming from the right motivation before corruption is figured in.

  26. Starting with extreme, unlikely scenarios is like a "temporary tax increase", they're never temporary.

  27. I have many customers who refuse to use the product as intended, they just learn to lie about their behavior to keep us warranty replacing parts that we know they caused, but we cant technically prove it. Works fine for the people who use it correctly.

  28. My xj is my first car and I love it, it’s the most fun a teenage boy can have

  29. Awesome, especially if you have offroad access nearby home. I'm taking mine out tomorrow.

  30. I'm thankful that there's no rust or check engine light on it!

  31. Same, people argue with me "that's impossible, the bulb is burned out & you are just wrong about the rust".

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