1. Government should at the least be providing premium health insurance to them if they haven't already.

  2. Identification crisis even for a pazhampori, good luck with the unification

  3. Wow Palakkad taking a back seat is interesting.

  4. Didn't someone already share this here with a caption like dick measuring or something

  5. Linguistically you can add one more group, those from the parts that border Malappuram. Pattambi, Shornur, Mannarkad, etc. They speak a different dialect. I don't have any idea about the cultural differences for these parts.

  6. Tell me you haven't watched Got without telling me you haven't watched it

  7. My young kid is in an ICSE school and wondering if we have to change to a Cbse one. What do you think comparing the two ?

  8. CBSE till 10th and after that changing to a state syllabus school is the best plan imho

  9. We had the same situation happen in 2016 for maths. But they made the valuation somewhat liberal after all the complaints.

  10. The page isn't even loading for me. Is it a server side issue and will it work better if i installed it locally?

  11. I think that should be a DNS issue on ur provider's side, I've only set the DNS records 2 hours ago and it could take up to 24 hours to update on some providers. I could be wrong though, works on all connections I've tried.

  12. I'll try later then. Thank you for your work !

  13. He got caught once in the act like this

  14. It's the Border town between Kollam and PTA, there is nothing there to see, Just a hollow tier 4 place with some thunikkada, and pretty much nothing to do there rather than leave to Canada

  15. Our 8th biology teacher was really committed to the teaching. She didn't even skip the audio-visual classes for the chapter. Still remember the excitement of the whole class and the subtle smile on the teacher's face throughout the class. By the end of it the important things were clear for all.

  16. Remembering MS Dhoni calling back Ian Bell after his silly mistake made him runout. Legally if we look he was runout, but spirit of the game ensured. Even during the last series against Sri Lanka, one of the Sri Lankan batsman who was nearing a century was mankanded.. But Rohit Sharma chose not to do that. Remembering Virat Kohli asking Fans not to boo Steven Smith during 2019 world cup.

  17. Spirit of game in cricket is just elitist bullshit.

  18. Muttapathiri with thengapaal and bdf/pork. I haven't yet seen muttapathiri in any restaurants tho

  19. The capital should be in a newly formed district(made out of portions of Thrissur, Palakkad n Ernakulam)

  20. Rather keep it to the centre of the state in just thrissur. Ernakulam is already overcrowded.

  21. Amrita university has a masters program

  22. I had interviewed for a job and had submitted all the required documents including passport, pan card copies and stuff when they asked for them to provide me the offer letter. No offer letter or any sort of communication from their side after that. Should I ask for the documents back ? Is it safe to leave it all with them?

  23. Write a letter to the Chairperson of National Green Tribunal, requesting to order an inquiry. Here is a sample,

  24. Would the police still remain suspended if i raise black flags all over my house ?

  25. Make sure you score above 80 in all your subjects in class 12 to get into top universities in the uk. Project works and internships related to the course you are going to opt for will also help.

  26. TV, it will be very very hot . Even at night

  27. Home. Going to pooram is an adventure not advisable for young kids n old parents

  28. I see that's the popular opinion. Thankyou

  29. I checked it. They converted dry lands to lush fields with a lot of water sources right. Palakkad has no issue of drought or dry lands. There is a lot of healthy agriculture happening here. Severe heat in the summer is the problem.

  30. really I thought they had a lot of water issues, they need to do active irrigation, paani foundation is passive and causes afersostation

  31. No. Palakkad has enough green cover. Afforestation isn't the answer imo.

  32. That should be enough if thats the original. You can contact the admissions office and let them know about it.

  33. Is "thookuka" a theri word in Thrissur slang ? What's the meaning?

  34. That just means making fun of someone afaik

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