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  1. not over 300lbs (5’5 200lbs, mid-size) here but i started to go braless when i’m not at work and it’s so incredibly liberating and i feel so confident doing so.

  2. I had way too much to drink 2 days ago and I still don’t feel well. I’m anxious and feel like Shit. Why do we do this? Sucks. Hope your situation improved… I didn’t have a fight with anyone but I’m definitely fighting with myself right now.

  3. i’m so sorry, i know the feeling- the guilt and frustration is so real. i’ve gotten better but still have room for improvement. i’ve been talking to my therapist a lot about my relationship with alcohol which i noticed has been helping. work on forgiving yourself and moving forward, you’ve got this. ❤️

  4. Wait bc I’m also on prozac and i legit just had the worst night ever recently. I got blackout drunk and proceeded to have the most raging argument w my bf. I literally feel like shit now bc once i woke up i realised what I had put him through and the guilt is overwhelming. He’s so sweet and loving and here I am self sabotaging. I’ve also decided to try and completely stop drinking bc god it is awful.

  5. oh my gosh i’m so sorry this happened to you too. i can so relate to your pain and totally understand the self sabotage. i’m trying not to beat myself up about it but to do better and like you avoid drinking. i really want my depression and OCD to improve and for me i think i really need to stop drinking all together for that to happen

  6. i went from 20 to 40 and initially felt more exhaustion and more anxiety but it subsided in a couple weeks once my body adjusted. i posted on here, talked to my therapist/psych and tried to be extra kind and patient with myself. i’m now almost 5 months in and feel a lot better.

  7. definitely had a similar reactions a couple years and turns out it was the amount of lanolin. discontinue use and take some benadryl but i would advise getting checked out too just in case. so hope the swelling has gone down for you and you’re okay!

  8. so i avoid cows milk and cheese. barely any face acne aside from the occasional small breakout around that time of the month. still have yet to kick my chest and back acne though.

  9. I’d wait on sending them references. If they’re emailing you a reference request, they probably have a specific form they want you to fill out.

  10. It won't hurt to send a thank you (be sure to reference something specific you liked talking to them about), and include your references at the end or in an attachment.

  11. thank you! i went ahead and sent a thank you email with my references attached and mentioned i could provide more, if needed.

  12. i’m on 40mg for OCD and depression. month 4 and in conjunction with therapy im really feeling a lot better in regards to both my depression and OCD. anxiety comes and goes definitely not as strong as it once was but i’m also in ERP therapy for ocd & anxiety.

  13. I’ll be passing by in two days. What do you recommend?

  14. been there! keep taking your meds and be sure to drink plenty of water for the next couple days. my relationship with alcohol has changed a lot while taking prozac but has helped me to try to drink less (i drank way to much prior to prozac which led me to be in some not so ideal situations.)

  15. you look great and this is a very subtle yet beautiful minimal look. gotta disagree with mom. my mom was really critical of my make up when i was your age too but i wore waaaaaaay more than you. you look beautiful !!!

  16. haha i wish, the man was devoted to his family and it was so nice to hear the stories he shared about them. i hope one day i run into him on the trail again to express my gratitude with more of a clear mind.

  17. I didn't see anyone mention this but if you are going to try gabapentin, keep in mind that as you develop tolerance your dose will likely have to continue increasing. This leads to more tolerance and eventually if and when you decide to get off it, potentially withdrawl. If you take it daily for more than a month or 2 at a time, you are likely to experience withdrawls. The withdrawls from this are often understated and truly fucking suck. I would caution you to try to only use it when you feel it is necessary, avoid taking it every day.

  18. thank you for this, my pyschiatrist was adamant on me only taking it as needed. i know this sounds silly but i literally only have to take an elevator around 3-5x a month- i’m also receiving therapy for this phobia so i’m hoping w/ the gabapentin and therapy i’ll have the tools to face this fear and it won’t trigger so much anxiety. so hopefully i’ll only have to take the gaba a handful of times during a month period. thanks again for the heads up, i had no idea the withdraws were so bad.

  19. gabapentin didnt do shit for my anxiety but awesome for my nerve pain. If i take enough I get a little "high" which makes going outside more bearable but no. Physically I am less anxious though, if that makes sense.

  20. glad to hear it worked for your nerve pain, at least! i have long covid and have experienced some nerve pain so that’s reassuring to hear. so sorry you had such a bad reaction to SSRIs.

  21. Prozac can worsen anxiety for a while before things improve. That happened to me. I’m much calmer now though :)

  22. that’s great to hear! i’ve been on prozac for a little over 3 months and my anxiety has gotten a bit worse though my OCD & depression has improved so my psychiatrist prescribed gabapentin as needed. i’m hoping it helps!

  23. same, i’ve been on it for 3 months and morning/mid-day seems to be the best time for me.

  24. 30. Health went south, had to go on disability and my employer was uncooperative and resentful towards me for hear this, getting sick Fucked me over on LTD, made it a disaster. I once was claimed to be the “nicest and most caring” employee on my division but definitely did not get that type of treatment when I fell ill.

  25. Very pretty! Is there any thing you have to do with flowers before pressing?

  26. thank you! i cheated and already had these pressed flowers in my craft kit. ordered them here - >

  27. Probably because you’re doing too much on the days you’re more active. To avoid PEM, pace everyday and do the same amount of activity everyday. If you’re symptoms get worse after a day of being more active, you likely need to scale back. You don’t want to get stuck in a push and crash cycle

  28. That's Post Exertional Malaise, common among long COVID victims. and a defining symptom of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  29. oh wow, i am so sorry to hear you have yet to recover. i went on a bike ride about 2 weeks ago and passed out. this really explains it. i’ll be more careful going forward and hope you recover soon 💗

  30. how long have you been on 40mg? i wouldn’t advise skipping a dose seems like you would not want to go through what you had to experience prior when you had a bad relapse. feeling nothing is better then having to go through that again, in my opinion. i’ve been on 40mg for 6 weeks, prior to that i was on 20mg for 4 weeks- the last couple of days i’ve noticed my mood has been better, different, but better. i noticed in order to feel things more i need to be doing things i enjoy little getting outside, watching a good show, seeing a friend, working out even on the days i don’t want to, i push myself to do one thing a day at least that brings me joy, this will help the prozac do it’s job even more. hang in there, also, talking to your provider or a counselor about how you’re feeling would be beneficial too? sending you strength!

  31. i was upped from 20 to 40 a little over 4 weeks ago. anxiety increased and unfortunately i started drinking more as a result which led to depressive episodes. i don’t advise drinking but then again everyone is different. i’m still waiting for the dosage increase to really kick in but i have noticed im not as reactive to situations that use to stress me out, if that makes sense

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