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An amazing showing.

  1. Good for him. Should speak that way. Not like Mahomes is a pocket QB and he’s a running QB or vice versa.

  2. YTA. You didn’t discuss that with your husband. Then tell him if she goes to foster home you and kids are gone. Y’all got some issues you need to work out because you don’t seem to be communicating very well about important things. This is a tricky situation because while you are nice and wanting to accommodate her, you also have to think of and consider your other family members. Everyone is dealing with enough that you don’t need to make it worse by going rogue and threatening to take the kids and go.

  3. He shows up at Raw. Lays the belts down in the ring. Can say something like he’s head of the table and has some family business to attend to. The belts get split up. He disappears for 6 months. Clean. He never lost them. No one is built up enough to beat him right now. Build up 2 strong champions while he’s away so when he comes back he has some worthy opponents and he’s in chase mode. The story doesn’t need a hero to dethrone him.

  4. NTA for asking him. But also seems like before you had kids you should have brought this up since he had this hobby then.

  5. Yeah. Bad idea. Cheating is something I can’t excuse or forget. There’s never any justification for that. Break up with the person then do your thing.

  6. I feel guilty enjoying watching Darby put his body through these matches because down the road it’ll catch up to him but for now, he doesn’t disappoint.

  7. They’ll bring in a vet during camp. They’ll need the arm and backup.

  8. They’ve been putting on overall better shows recently but JAS still hasn’t clicked with me.

  9. Agree. You gotta consider it. I think it is one you gotta pass on with your already stacked roster unless you thin it out somewhere. Maybe bring him in on a 3 month contract for a feud but not full time.

  10. Debating which game to play. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or Expedition: Rome.

  11. But wouldn’t places just raise their overall prices to counter that?

  12. Yeah. Most meds have a acclimation period and then once you’ve been on your full dose for a bit you’ll settle in with your positive and negative effects. Hopefully once that happens you get the good and not any bad (or atleast bad you can live with). Just be sure and communicate with your doc everything. They should have set your expectations too as this is fairly common.

  13. Whatever they did or didn’t do is working better than what Jerry is doing.

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