1. I mean don't most heresies seem to make sense on a superficial level? That's how they get started.

  2. What sorts of horrendous acts are you speaking of?

  3. Nothing in particular, but the general trend of western society.

  4. Can’t be all that horrendous if we can’t even identify them. Definitely a “kids these days” sort of mentality

  5. Perhaps horrendous was the wrong word. I think what I was getting at is that the suppositions they were making were largely riding on the coattails of a Christian society and that the argument doesn't hold as much water as we move out of that.

  6. Also I would add, look hard into what your triggers are. You NEED to resist them at the door otherwise it's almost impossible.

  7. It sounds like run amok capitalism to me. From my understanding the homeless often have a hard time getting a job since they dont have a permanent address etc. There's also a ton of drug addition out there. But seriously think about trying to land even a basic job if you cant shower, wash your clothes, or put an address down.

  8. You would be astonished at how many homeless people do not want a job and will not show up if you get them one, and if you give them a place to live will immediately destroy it. We should still try to help people, but many of them are not willing to lift a single finger to improve their own situation, you can't blame that on capitalism.

  9. I know what you're speaking of. I have family members who are addicts and completely unwilling to do anything to help themselves. They will also manipulate you constantly. That said every situation is different. Not all homeless people are lazy, but not all are just down on their luck either

  10. I bow or cross myself when passing a Catholic or Orthodox Church out of respect for our Lord in the Eucharist. Other Churches dont have the Eucharist so theres no reason to.

  11. Jimmy Akin talks about this and similar stuff on his podcast. The general belief is that ghosts could be from heaven, hell or purgatory. Jimmy has also done some episodes discussing the possibility of ghost events being a kind of recording sort of thing with electro magnetic fields (just kind of a cool theory to think about) he talks with a paranormal researcher who actually looks into things for physical evidence etc and isnt one of those people you usually hear about. This is like an actual scientist looking for possible explainations. my general rule is if someone says a place is haunted, I pray. If they're souls in purgatory they need the prayers.

  12. Napoleon was better for the Church at least in France than the revolutionists were. But still did a ton of bad things like going after the Pope. Something interesting I did recently learn though is that the French Revolution actually ended up helping the Catholic Church in England. Apparently a lot of refugees fled from France and helped lay the groundwork in England for when the Church had a renaissance in the mid 1800s.

  13. Fulton Sheen I believe used to say that Our Lady of Fatima would be significant in converting muslims because of where she chose to appear. That town was originally named for one of Mohammad's daughters I believe. He thought that was no coincidence.

  14. Accountability in some way. Get out of the house and or occupy yourself with other things. Pray obviously. Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Learn your triggers that set you on the path originally so that you can resist temptation at the threshold. Ground yourself in reality. A lot of this stuff is built up on fantasies of how people act, what porn is etc. Learn the ugly truth of porn and remind yourself that temptations aren't presenting the truth.

  15. One of the later chapters of Confessions talks a bit about this. And that was written like 1600 years ago

  16. It's the deacon at our parish I guess that schedules and performs most of the baptisms

  17. What I'm wondering though is do we have to go to our parish if they're not meeting the timley manner?

  18. My understanding is that the placebo effect is poorly understood to begin with. That being said, it seems like something that cannot be accurately tested and proven. Furthermore could not God be acting through something like this? This kind of argument is already assuming that miracles don't exist which just seems like a rehash of Humes poorly considered stance.

  19. If that is your standard, I hope you also stay away from all of the OTC and prescription medications

  20. But we should advocate for these things to be done through more ethical means.

  21. I believe there is a catholic bioethics center of some sorts that might have good information. I've personally struggled with the vaccines that come from aborted lines since according to my understanding there is no specific reason why more ethical means couldn't be used. Catholics are not prohibited necessarily from taking these but really should try for ethical alternatives when available, in most cases common vaccines are. As far as side effects. Severe ones are extremely rare, especially for vaccines that have been around for decades. The long time rule has been that the benefit should outweigh the risk. Ie we dont give preventative rabies shots to everyone because not that many people get exposed and we have a post exposure treatment. But for something like measles, the shot is way less like to do anything severe to you as opposed to the actual disease.

  22. It seems like they're just trying to weaponize it then. I kinda figured as much since it's only a small group within the religion claiming it.

  23. Muslims claim a lot of interesting things to put it lightly. History is pretty firmly against their claims but because they rely solely on the quran it doesn't matter. I got into an argument recently where the person pointed to Christian heresies around the time as proof Christianity was false, but couldn't see by the same logic how we could claim mohammad just ripped off some heretical thoughts to form his own religion.

  24. Mohammed is a false prophet who (1) didn’t perform any miracles, and (2) repeatedly changed and contradicted his own teachings in the Koran - this is called the “doctrine of abrogation” in Islam.

  25. So I got into an argument about the no miracles thing recently. Some muslims now claim he split the moon. This is of course problematic. The passage is very ambiguous and doesnt actually say he split the moon. It also want an argument brought up until first in the 1500s I believe. My guess is their apologists scrambled with this question and settled on this.

  26. Neither Luke nor Mark were present for the events of the gospels. Luke worked with St. Paul and also wrote Acts, some parts of which he witnessed. I think tradition suggests that Mark knew St. Peter and may have gotten the story from him.

  27. Isnt there a tradition that Luke might have gotten info from Mary as well?

  28. I heard that The Gospel of John wasn’t really written by St John the apostle but another John (st. John the Elder) a follower of Jesus but not one of the 12 main ones

  29. I can't remember exactly but I think Pope Benedicts view on it was St John wrote the gospel, but that the letters might have been John the elder?

  30. There's no rule about this. Remember every saint had to be the first with that name at some point. That being said a lot of people choose to do it to honor a specific saint or give their child a role model

  31. A cool thing I really love about confession rather than just praying for forgiveness alone is that you actually hear Christ speaking through the priest saying your sins are forgiven. God knows how weak we are and that we need to hear it. Might be part of the reason he gave his disciples this authority.

  32. With saint veneration, remember that Pray as a word is a bit tricky semantically. We use it today to mean both worshipping God and venerating saints. Really pray just means to ask (think "I pray thee"). Another thing that might help is how far back saint veneration goes. There is graffiti from like the 2nd or 3rd century in catacombs asking for Sts Peter and Paul to pray for someone.

  33. If it helps look into St John Damacenes defence of icons. Also realize that the arc of the covenant had 2 cherubs on it, the temple had numerous carved images, and we have photos etc of our family members and friends all over the place.

  34. I do understand that portion it's just I'm having a hard time mentally adjusting to including stuff like this into my life if that makes sense. Thank you for commenting

  35. I think there was a woman recently named Servent of God who was originally LDS before she converted. You could pray for her intercession on the matter. And take it little by little, it's a big change.

  36. I think we've already seen this to some extent with how social media and constant video streams have limited our ability to actually focus on things and have real discussion.

  37. Just finished reading a book on the history of the faith in England. It really gave me the feeling that a lot of these accusations crept up with the puritans which were then bolstered by self serving nobility at the time.

  38. Lots of similarities, yes. But a dissimilarity is that there's a lot of proof Joseph Smith existed.

  39. Interesting. Is there suspicion that Mohammad wasn't a real person?

  40. I'm no expert, but there's a case to be made (mostly based off the time it took for him to be referenced in written texts: 200–300 years after his death).

  41. I usually take it more seriously when they mean it more. Whenever someone uses Jesus name in vain I've taken to bowing my head and quietly adding "my Lord and Savior". Also if a show keeps doing it I tend to follow a kind of three strikes and they're out.

  42. Like everything on social media this is probably too boiled down to take at face value. I think what she is implying is that the mentality behind dissolving traditional marriage opens the doors for other things. Love is love for example is such a superfical slogan because it doesn't hold up well to scrutiny. I get what it's trying to say, yet it's so open ended it can easily be co opted or taken and run with etc.

  43. I respectfully disagree. If someone regrets having children I would say there is a pretty good chance that they actually regret the increased burden usually financial or mental/physical. Besides if someone doesn't want kids there are less permanent options such as girls being taught how to understand their fertility cycles and understanding that sex can and does lead to babies. The fact that medical professionals just push sterilization and chemical birth control on women shows they don't really care about understanding how women's bodies work.

  44. Yeah, but why keep a body part your not gonna use? Do you feel the same about people removing their appendix instead of repairing it?

  45. This logic doesn't follow. A diseased uterus or ovary should be removed, as should be a diseased appendix. We don't just take people's appendixes out for no reason. The issue here is don't fix what isn't broken.

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