1. I think the tokens they recieve allow them to return as their characters if they die. Something about it being a charisma saving throw which they can choose to fail makes me think we are seeing this season from the perspective of the reader , who can change the author.

  2. Hmm.. I was thinking it was more like the tokens either mean they remember what happened before or they become a more corrupt version of that fairytale character the more they have? The fact you can elect to fail it makes it seems like it can have an outcome that could be seen as good or bad. I’m not sure though!

  3. Bit of a boring and/or cynical approach, but the fact that they already shot this season and just announced the other day NeverAfter merch featuring all the Intrepid Heroes makes me believe they're coming back. Not concrete but it's something.

  4. haha cynical but also realistic to be honest!

  5. What part of the game are you trying to learn? Character Optimization? Role Playing ideas? New settings and classes? Dungeon Master tips?

  6. More about the mechanics and the rules than anything. I watch plenty of actual plays but obviously they don’t dig down into mechanics and things all that much

  7. More about the machines and the rules than anything. I watch plenty of actual plays but obviously they don’t dig down into mechanics and things all that much

  8. One that sticks out to me was a story about a dog (they were usually about dogs) who got stuck in a fence and an old woman helped, and they formed a friendship. Then the dog got stuck again, but the old woman died so no one could help him… That was it. That was the end of the story.

  9. The answer depends on how the player is exposed to Cullen, and a lot of answers are biased because it's a role playing game.

  10. That makes sense! For me, DA2 was the last of the three games I played so his behaviour in that (given that I romanced him in DAI without any knowledge of that) came as a real shock! This is a great answer though, thank you

  11. I think he is a good example of why the system they have set up for the templars is incredibly bad. He starts out as an average templar. He has a crush on a female mage warden (before they become a warden) and dosen't seem to hate mages. Then the tower falls to demons and he spends an indertmenant amount of time being tortured (a few days to a few weeks is my best guess) we don't get many details but the room he's in is full of skinless bodies. He is understandably traumatized by that and seeing mages/magic or people who may be possessed becomes a trigger for him. The best thing for him would be to retire or become a regular soldier/guard bit because he's addicted to Lyrium he has to remain a templar or go through potentially fatal withdrawal. So insted of doing the healthy thing he gets transferred to Kirkwall wich is one of the worst places. In addition, his extremist views on mages got him promoted under Meredith's command. So now he has power over mages and is almost constantly in a state of fight or flight when he's around them. In each of the 3 acts of DA2 his views on mages soften slightly. If you side with the templars he will argue in favour of sparing any mages who surrender to you saying that accepting the risk that they may commit crimes in the future is part of being a templar and no matter what side you pick he does turn on Meredith. I think it's fair to say that both these events are too little too late. In Inquisition he's still cautious of mages and supportive of templars but he is trying to get out. He's seen the worst of both mages and templars and he recognizes that it's not good for anyone for him to continue being a templar. People with much more authority on the subject of making amends have said that Cullen does not do enough to make things right and does not go far enough in admitting his faults. Two of the big themes of Dragon Age are that people who have been hurt can very easily continue the cycle of abuse into new innocents, and the idea of seeking redemption through action. And I think Cullen is a good example of both these ideas even if his redemption falls short.

  12. This is such a good answer, really considered and well thought out. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me :)

  13. Monica kissed joey in an alternate storyline of what could've been. Some fans consider that as a kiss and some dont so i went with not considering it. In a way you are right as well

  14. Wasn’t Rachel and Chandlers kiss also in an alt timeline episode too though?

  15. What people say in this subreddit isn’t up to you. The only thing you have control over is how and what advice you choose to take. Personally I wouldn’t share an animal. When my ex and I broke up (divorced) the cats were only in my name and stayed in my name. Now that I have a puppy and a cat, if I have a partner again I’m considering a prenup. My house is my house and my dog and cat are my dog and cat. I’m allowed to divorce differently to you and if I don’t want to share my animals with an ex then that’s my choice. Just as much as it is your choice to share. We shouldn’t judge becasue we think differently. If you take things to heart from Reddit then maybe you shouldn’t be on here. Social media can be cruel but it’s you who makes the ultimate decision on advice you were given. Doesn’t mean I or anyone on here has to agree with it. That also doesn’t mean we can’t be civil.

  16. I’m not sure where in my post I said I don’t agree with people not sharing their pets? I’m not judging anyone for their choices in how they go about their lives, raise their pets etc, that’s exactly what my post is about. I’m saying if you’re not hurting anyone and you’re raising a healthy and happy pet then that’s great. I’m not quite sure what the aim of your comment was, it feels a bit like you probably just wanted to argue with me, as this post was meant to illustrate that you’ll get negative comments on here and that you shouldn’t give up because of them.

  17. How the hec am I arguing with you? I am not arguing with you at all. I just kinda think that your post is pointless. Don't start trolling me, it will not work in your favour. I 100 percent was not trying to argue with you. I honestly don't know how you thought I was trying OMG.

  18. Ok, it seems a fair few people didn’t find it pointless and some found it helpful so I’m still glad I said it

  19. For what it’s worth I definitely don’t think it’s too late ☺️ desensitising starts with just getting them to associate the items you use with good things. Turn the item on, or make the nail clippers make the clicking sound and reward without it ever coming into contact with her. I’d do this for at least a week before, then start bringing the item to her paw but not using it and give treats. Basically just work up to the actual act of nail cutting and make sure you don’t ever push her further than she’s comfortable with!

  20. that makes sense to me. Do you think it should eb the clipper route and not the dremel then?

  21. That’s totally up to you- I’ve only ever used the clipper and I think it’s probably less intimidating for the dog, but takes longer!

  22. In order to open all the doors, you need to collect every single shard from the entire game

  23. Every single shard in Forbidden Oasis, or every single shard in the whole game?

  24. Hawke for me- I often play rule-abiding, natural leader types but something about 2 made me feel like I could be tough, wise-cracking and no nonsense without it being at the expense of relationships or getting some kind of ‘bad’ ending. I just loved her ❤️

  25. I completely forgot about that concept art! There’s no way it’s a coincidence, not with the big gold necklace and everything!!

  26. A combination of both. I've been in the conversations that nitpick every single image or audio that could indicate anything. Like the discussion about how Tevinter is huge, there is a war going on. What will we use to travel ? A locked base of operations is what we've always gotten but isn't ideal with a war on, nor with a "small group Solas doesn't know."

  27. Oh that’s such an excellent theory!! I almost wish I didn’t read it because I’ll be so sad if Isabela doesn’t captain our ship in DA4!!!

  28. You have 2 ea accounts? Sign in with the other one and remake your worldstate on the keep

  29. Yeah one is really old, I must have forgotten it existed. I was hoping there’d be another way so that I don’t have to input every decision across two games 🥲 Will I have a chance to make the Hawke look like mine in DAI if I do that?

  30. Dude 7 is the clit. You can’t stick things up the clit

  31. That’s Lonnie’s Shack, you can also rob those guys with Sean in chapter 3 (even after you’ve done it already on your own, then Arthur will mention he’s been there before).

  32. Oh ok, thank you! I did wonder how one of them walked out alive after I threw a stick of dynamite in a small room, now I’m reading that always happens 🙃

  33. I’m like that when Mail comes through the door and my puppy gets it first. If I look over and it’s a catalogue or junk Mail I give up and just let him have it. I know one day it’ll come back and bite me because he’ll end up eating a letter or something but sometimes when I’m in a meeting and it keeps him happy… eh 🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. Film wise I’d say True Grit, The Searchers (although that hasn’t aged well at all), Unforgiven gives me massive Red Dead 1 vibes, the tv show Godless (on Netflix) too. Not a film, but I have a feeling Red Dead 2 was influenced by the book St Agnes Stand, particularly Arthur talking to the nun.

  35. I have a regrettable keyboard. I have a husband who unfortunately used to indulge in my hyper focus projects.

  36. I had a similar experience- I played piano from about 7 years old to 17/18 when I didn’t have a teacher pushing me to practise anymore. Cut to 26 years old and I tell my partner I want to get back into it and he spends about £300 on a weighted keyboard and occasionally comments that I’ve barely touched it 🙁 I’m quite early on in understanding my ADHD though, so I’ve not even explained hyper focus projects to him!

  37. So many :( art journaling, lino cutting, sewing, musical instrument, tarot, beaded jewelry, exercise stuff, etc. I have also almost gotten supplies for rock climbing and slacklining. Since I started suspecting I might have ADHD and that impulse buying is a thing I've really started watching my purchases. Just started medication and I'm starting to go through all the crap I've been keeping around for "when I get to it someday." I need to focus my energies better so hopefully that helps.

  38. Oh I forgot tarot... I also had the tarot phase. I have friends who want tarot readings because they think it’s been long enough that I must know what all the cards mean, which would make sense if I’d used them more than about five times!

  39. I constantly get people assuming my puppy is a girl, which doesn’t bother me, but when I say his name (Ralph) and they realise I usually get ‘he’s too pretty, I thought it was a girl’ 🙃 This isn’t a Disney cartoon, male and female dogs are both pretty!

  40. I can recommend libraries or actual historical websites. I'd say between History.com and maybe even the Library of Congress loc.gov you should be able to find historical reference info that can help with your stories.

  41. This is great, thank you! I’m in the UK so the info isn’t quite as readily available in libraries but I’m sure I can find something

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