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  1. Since I can't shy away from my spring scents! Fresh lemon waves, champagne toast & orange, and raspberry mimosa. Can y"all tell I'm obsessed with fruity scents?? 🍊🍋🍇🍉🍊🥭

  2. Welcome to the fam!! You have several of my favorites. Great picks

  3. I just want Vanilla Bean Noel to come back as it's old strong long lasting self. 🤍

  4. I wish we were friends lol. I have a whole set from Christmas 2020 that I don't use. I'm not a fan of gourmand anything

  5. This!! I'm on the mortgage lending business and everyone is acting like January 2023 is going to be low rates and low home prices. They keep telling us to get ready for another year like 2020. I want to say we are literally never going to see that again and stop it

  6. It was also EVERYWHERE last year. I just got flashbacks from trying to find decent vinyl for Christmas 🎄

  7. The Perfect Autumn and Cozy Cashmere.

  8. I'm obsessed with Cozy Cashmere! I wanna buy so many on CD

  9. me too! super excited. will u be lining up at 5am?

  10. I might this year if it isn't super cold. Chronic insomniac ☹️☹️

  11. Where do I find it? I'm in the minority here but I burn spring and summer since all year long. I'm not a big fan of Gourmand and Christmas scents.

  12. https://lifeinsidethepage.blogspot.com/2022/10/bath-body-works-christmas-and-candle.html

  13. Thank you. Also, don't tell my boss that I'm really reading this list I'm supposed to be working LOL 🤫🤫

  14. I'm not buying anything else until candle day; like so many others I'm seeing.

  15. Oh okay. Didn't mean to sound like a jerk. I guess I'm just bored with most of the country scene these days. I wanna be wowed.

  16. I don't even listen to country hardly ever, but personally I just thought he sounded good. But what's annoying is almost every country singer on this show or idol just stands there without showing any facial expressions or moving or anything. lol.

  17. A face having zero pores. That's not a thing that could ever happen

  18. Okay, I'm not loving fresh sparkling snow at all. Way too much of a minty smell.

  19. I dont know about person, but hearing the word influencer every 10 seconds has been taking its toll on me

  20. Ha! I had one go off on me and called me a boomer because I told her wearing a sweater backwards wasn't a hack.

  21. YES!!!! that coupon made working during the holidays living hell last year. hopefully people can read this year..

  22. I worked for a different retailer in 2019 for Christmas. On black friday, they were offering free tote bags with a $20 purchase. This Karen wanted 10 of the tote bags because she spent $200. Caused a huge scene and of course my manager caved and let her have 10 tote bags. "We never want a mad customer" 🙄

  23. I got one that was a free item of either Vanilla Bean Noel or Winter Candy Apple; full size too. I'm not mad about it.

  24. Can someone please buy me a case of The Wine Cellar candles for my birthday? Please and thank you 😆😆😆

  25. Sweater Weather & Bergamot Waters. They smell amazing together

  26. Are there any new candles coming out soon? Im bored of the ones on the site 😅

  27. I bought a Chicago 45 and found the original receipt from when it was purchased for $3 in 1988…in my home state, no less. The receipt looked like one that could’ve been printed today, surprisingly there was no yellowing, just a fold.

  28. That's so cool! My brother has a Chuck Berry album with it's original sticker price on it.

  29. My copy of The Unforgettable Fire had an old Sam Goody ad. It was pretty cool. Took me back to my childhood

  30. Every time I see that episode name I always think of Ade’s car. Christopher is the long term parking, he left the last pieces of the Chrissy we knew there. As he’s pretty much not only expendable in Tony’s eyes from there on out (for the large part of season 6 which Long Term Parking was one of the last episodes of season 5) .. but it’s made a clear point that any true love that man held from there on out was gone.

  31. Season 6 is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. The complete downfall of Christopher is one of them.

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