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  1. puts poison of paralysis on steel axe Nord courage and skill beats Orc strength any day!

  2. Lmao using a paralysis poison? Do you have no honor? That's quite funny, given how Nords place such a high value on honor

  3. I was driving on the highway and watched as the lid of a bucket came flying off of a truck coming in the opposite direction and flew directly at me. It bounced off of my windshield at face level. I mean, it was as perfect as possible if you were trying to throw it at my face. If that lid had been metal and not plastic, I am positive that it would’ve broken the windshield and either killed me or caused me to crash my car at highway speeds, which likely would have done the same.

  4. Once a few years back, I was in the passenger seat while my mom drove, and a fucking rock came flying at the windshield - the angle meant it would have hit me in the face. It was only the size of my thumbnail, but it broke the middle piece of glass in the windshield. If it was much bigger, I most likely would've gotten a rock to the face and might've died

  5. Also as a note - I'm in the mid eastern portion of the US, if that helps with identification

  6. I dunno... I haven't been into AUs in a long while really, so I can't really offer much advice. Really the only AU I currently follow is Handplates. It's super dark (heavy abuse scenes), but it is super well written and keeps everyone in character (there's even a bit of character development from Papyrus ;) )

  7. I have smelled someone else’s period once, but it was when we were like 13 or 14, and I don’t think that girl was super good at changing her pads regularly, and she wasn’t allowed to use tampons. I’ve smelled someone else’s discharge once, and it was literally my girlfriend who was sitting really close to me, so I wasn’t about to judge her for it. I’m 23 and I’ve never noticed the smell of someone else aside from those 2 contexts, but man do I worry about it when it’s me

  8. Yeah, the only time I've ever smelled someone's period was when we were in the bathroom and she was changing her pad. That was when I actually realized that I was completely normal (in terms of period smell) lol - I've never smelled someone's discharge though, only my own!

  9. LMAO I didn't even realize I typed airlock! I meant to say adblock - I really need to reread my titles before I post ;;

  10. Not OP, and not even sure if it's my favorite, but Kung Fu Panda 2 is a great movie, and I doubt my opinion will ever change lmao

  11. You’ll be fine! Your scars show ur individuality and are a part of you and your story. I know especially at a younger age it’s really hard to accept this. I never hid my scars from when I started when I was 13 a tip I have is just having confidence if you show that you don’t care about them (even if it’s a lie) people will ignore them, you’ll still get a few people who stare but that’s life and you’ll get used to them. Hope everything goes good for you.

  12. Ah thank you! I'm not too concerned about most people seeing (my friends have been super sweet), but I'm just concerned my parents will find out! And thank you for the tip, I'll keep that in mind. I feel like that'll become super handy :)

  13. It's weird how rippled my skin looks. Even if you can't see individual scars in some spots, you can see the collective impact

  14. Oh my god those guys are absolutely adorable - I'd love to hold some of them ><

  15. Ok so: it's a mohawk rn, and like, the bottom is purple.

  16. :0 What about a deep electric blue at the top? And have it be a gradient between the purple and blue? That would probably look amazing

  17. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  18. I don't even know why today felt so shit... I'm normally more resilient than this...

  19. And now my parents finding out is my absolute worst fucking nightmare possible. Even though I have scars all up and down my arm and thighs

  20. I've also been clean since May! Granted, I only decided to be clean at the end of the month, but this is my longest clean streak yet! I hope your urges aren't really bad, they fucking suck ;;

  21. Actually, I wouldn't. Even if I disagree with people having kids, it still is not my place to make them infertile. It feels wrong to me to take away someone's autonomy while saying they can't do so either... It almost feels like I'd be doing the very thing I'm against? I'm not sure if I'm making sense

  22. Fallen Down Reprise... I was just listening to it a couple nights ago and started sobbing lmao

  23. Honestly this is some of the hottest weather this early and this quickly I can remember. Normally it builds up for a week or two, but this just all hit at once

  24. It really is the hottest the soonest. I was wondering if it was just me thinking it, but I don't really think so anymore

  25. I’m not as concerned. The last two or three years were comparatively mild. I don’t think my state has broken 100°F in at least that long, and we used to almost every year.

  26. Ah thata fair, the weather tends to fluctuate every year... Hopefully our weather stays around this and doesn't get much hotter lol

  27. Lol I mean you're not wrong - my first thought when I saw my answer was FINAGLC though (it would be pretty disturbing if the fic actually shipped the two though...)

  28. I’m 17 and apparently my “soul mate” is 78 so HARD NO

  29. I'm more neutral rather than repulsed, but yeah, same idea for me lmfao

  30. Then (if I got this right, please correct me if I got anything wrong) sex favorable aces aren't hungry but would be down for some snacks if offered

  31. I'd personally say that hunger is more like libido, but a craving for a specific food is more like attraction (that's how it works in my mind though). But yeah this works pretty well as a metaphor :D

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