1. Right, like she couldn't afford to go to the Amalfi coast once a month if she wanted.

  2. She is doing so many sponsorships, it’s pretty much all she posts.

  3. I don’t even iron my own clothes. Spray wrinkle release and hope for the best 😂

  4. Same or the clothes, which need it, sit in a pile for months. Sometimes I forget that they exist.

  5. I mean, lucky for her. Babies are great…a tie to Jax forever, fucking shoot me.

  6. I always think about how her parents talked scornfully on camera about how she was “chubby” and used to snack on bread as a child 😬. The body image issues must have been intense.

  7. She also mentioned that two of her stepparents had completely opposite views on food, fuel vs. joy and it confused her.

  8. I heard today on this sub that they reconciled.

  9. Maybe they have some kind of agreement, but my guess would be that he has to be discreet.

  10. Yes. The latest live with her, Paul and Carl. She thought it was hilarious to admit to never reading books. Even Paul’s body language indicated he was embarrassed by her admission.

  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s is riding high (albeit temporarily) on Randall’s coat tails.

  12. We get these posts from people who are watching the show for the first time every now and then and I love it every single time

  13. It confirms that the popular opinion is not just group thinking

  14. The same thing happened with Pump Rules. Everyone started out younger and actual friends. Then people (some, not all) grew up, and started their own businesses and had their own lives.

  15. I feel like that's one of the reason why the show worked so well, the stakes were higher, because they cared. If you're not really friends with somebody, you're less interested in repairing the friendship. So what if you lose a good or convenient acquaintance? Public figures like them, meet people all the time.

  16. Oh I’m well aware of what they mean. It’s just nonsense. It all comes from the exact same book, and the people who practice it violently are actually reading the whole book and taking it all at its word. This other commenter and people like her are just cherry-picking small parts they agree with while disregarding large swathes of the book the consider “holy” and to be the “word of god”. And because the other commenter chooses to use the same title and believes in the same “holy” book as BDong and those like her, I honestly don’t care if me associating them and their religion with people like BDong makes them offended or hurts their feelings. They chose this title, and this association. This is the consequence of those decisions. The people they’re denouncing are actually following the “holy book” both groups worship more closely than this commenter is. If she doesn’t wanted to be painted with the same brush BDong is painted with, maybe she shouldn’t stand so close to her.

  17. Ah💡 I understand your argument now. Edit: I’m going to delete my initial response, bc I agree with pointing out the no true Scotsman’s fallacy with that additional background argument.

  18. There are a million reasons to be critical of Christianity. As long as we avoid being condescending or demeaning, we should be able to talk shit on the actual faith. Please don’t make us tap dance with our comments as we avoid basic truths about a faith that has caused ample harm.

  19. I’ve been part of this sub for a months now and as a Christian I felt never offended. The criticisms are totally valid in my opinion. Valid criticism is not offensive to me and I’m trying to work my faith out, I keep it so myself, it is a very intimate topic to me.

  20. Bicycle life is awesome. You are always full of energy and you don’t have to pay for a gym membership. If you life in a city where the use of bicycles is possible, give it a try. Public transport is ok, but, most of the time bicycling around is faster and cheaper.

  21. When I rode my bicycle to my traineeship three times a week, I immediately lost some weight hahaha

  22. I'm 24 and never driven a car and don't have a driver's license. I've either walked, biked, taken public transport or driven by someone else.

  23. The thing with the homeless people is messed up. I get that you don't want them hanging out in certain private places, but adjusting public places for that reason is just mean.

  24. They have no friends, so they read it

  25. You would think influencers would love people that don't follow them yet. It's the best way to reach out and find new people who may follow later or may recommend it to someone else who will want it. It's all about the networking

  26. Additionally she got a reason for why potential followers won't follow her. It sounds obvious, but people who view your page, won't usually tell you why they kept scrolling, they move on. You don't necessarily get to hear from them.

  27. Right?! If she can't manage to be professional, then she should hire someone to manage her social media. But she would never, bc she thinks too highly of herself.

  28. Some influencers have a person, who sifts through their dms and handles all the trolls and gross people. I think that's a healthy choice, because even if you know that there is zero legitimacy to genuine hate messages, you will probably feel something.

  29. He confirmed that himself on the show. I don’t remember if he used the word alcoholic, but he said something like that.

  30. I have noticed this! I think Kristen is one of those rare people who just doesn't like eating that much... not because she has a disorder, but because she just doesn't get very hungry. I can totally see her forgetting to eat for a few days and subsisting solely on box wine and whatever other substances she dabbles in. I know she recently quit smoking, but nicotine probably contributed a lot to that.

  31. She said a few years ago on Stassi's podcast, that she eats broccoli for breakfast.

  32. Some people have the mindset food=fuel. Fucking crazy. I wish I could think that way. to the server I’m just like “it comes with extra cheese right?” Lol

  33. If I could eat for like a week and not worry about food for a couple of days, I'd be so happy. Eating stresses me out, I find it so hard to compose a delicious and nutritious meal. I have zero culinary creativity lol.

  34. This sub has been making me see Whitney differently it’s making me uncomfortable bc I really hate how he treats women but i also feel sad for him if that’s how he thought he could make friends and now this

  35. It's a natural thing people with ED do. They project their insecurities onto others unknowingly. He didn't mean it to be crass.

  36. Horses are expensive and with the legal bills for the lawsuit and the foster kid, I have doubts...

  37. Maybe she takes them off, after doing her ad and wears the stuff she genuinely likes

  38. First off, I don’t think you’re a monster. It just sounds like your situation was different in that it seems like you lived in a more rural area on an actual farm. She lives in the suburbs. I’m pretty sure someone on here made a post where they did a google maps search of vets near her home (which is NOT in a rural area at all) and there was an emergency vet like not even five minutes away.

  39. And they got the address, because Brittany apparently doxes herself all the time.

  40. There is definitely a correlation between conspiracy theorists, mlms and christians. I just don't know what exactly it is. Maybe the lack of critical thinking skills lol?

  41. I hate that they tried to pull one over on us with this back door summer house bs. It worked on me once with RHOBH & VPR, but lightning certainly doesn’t strike twice BRAVO

  42. Same, I tried getting into watching Summerhouse, but they’re all so vapid and boring. I’m stopped watching at the episode right before the finale.

  43. The Grand Dame brags about being so well educated, well then she should know that in some cultures girls get their ears pierced as a baby.

  44. Stassi and Lala are the type of arguers where their strategy is just to yell and insult the other person until they get intimidated and back down; they don’t actually argue using logic unlike Ariana who generally will also stay calm. The latter makes for a much more effective arguer.

  45. This style of arguing is so dumb, because nothing gets accomplished. No middle ground is established, nobody gains knowledge or understanding, nobody improves their opinions or worldview and the relationship worsens. They might feel good in the short term, because they blew off some steam, but then they will go on an IG story rant and perpetuate the drama, which is ultimately exhausting.

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