1. My biggest concern would be the oil in them going rancid, I have low liver function and a sensitive tum

  2. Make an example of them! Pat them on the back and throw them out the door, yelling at them to get a job and get out of your house

  3. Well done! That must feel great! Slow on the uphills is how we roll.

  4. We found that out, haha! We went up the pass at a rip roaring 30mph

  5. I have been there! When we first got our bus the top speed on steep inclines was 20! What engine/transmission does your bus have?

  6. It has a 5.9L Cummins engine with 170000 miles on it and an Allison AT545 transmission

  7. I like it when rougulikes have their hardest, or at least one of their hardest bosses be the shopkeeper, one step from eden also does this.

  8. Oh dude for sure, he’s got wicked mad cake

  9. Wait she’s a mole rat? I thought she was like, a sheep with alopecia, but that makes so much more sense

  10. Honestly I tossed together a bunch of internet recipes to pull this one together, a vegan/nonfat custard, a vegan/gf/low-fat crust, and the glaze is a cup of strawberry jelly with 2tbsp Cointreau melted together

  11. when you have the time, I would love this recipe? you are post later, if you can.

  12. Thanks, I was inspired by the Cheesecake Factory sconces

  13. that looks wicked good and i love the arrangement of fruits!

  14. Thank you! I got strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and goldenberries!

  15. ive never had a goldenberry before! thats something ill have to try

  16. Do it! They’re surprisingly tart and sour compared to what I was expecting, a lot less sweet than the other berries, and the flavor is a combination of a tropical perfume and tender mustard bite similar to lingonberry

  17. Honestly I just googled how to make the buttercream and pastry cream and went from there, the cake itself is just a classic funfetti mix

  18. Not 100% sure what you mean but I'm guessing you mean blending between two colors, that's always been a nightmare for me, but the blur tool on some art programs just simulates a gaussian blur, which can give you some really good results, there are tutorials on realistic fur that show how to create very detailed transitions between two colors, and I've recently found that the "painterly" Photoshop brush from that tutorial I recommend can be loaded into the wet paint brush in Photoshop to create an incredibly nuanced smudge effect that looks like one of the colors you're blending into is actually layered on, which looks incredible for things like blood being wiped off of skin and some other situations. In the most part blending and complex texturing are my weakest suites though so sorry if I'm not all that helpful

  19. Hey no worries, just that is a huge help. I wish I could try photoshop but I can’t afford it, I wish they’d make it cost…. Not that much lmao

  20. True, it's honestly expensive as hell, not that I'm paying for it lol

  21. The overused subscription model is (hopefully) going to be the downfall of vulture capitalism and I will hold hands with Krita and laugh

  22. Way over, i lined the whole bottom with heads too

  23. I used this one with a lot of changes, mostly I just took the cook times and temps (you’ll have to measure the internal temp to get it right, but I’ve never had it come out as anything less than moist and juicy)

  24. For me it was my first encounter with a bellowback at the end of a cauldron I was way underleveled for. That was also how I discovered you couldn’t leave a cauldron until you beat the boss.

  25. You just won the stoner Olympics.

  26. Whoever wins, my lactose intolerance loses

  27. Actually a legit dish. I’m sure there’s a name for it that’s eluding me at the moment, but the doñas at my old taqueria would make these all the time

  28. I’ve seen a few different things that are almost identical (one of them was this but folded into a triangle), I just went with the name bc I thought it was funny

  29. Do you just use normal sugar and put petals in ? Or are there more steps to it ?

  30. That’s the method I use, you can also grind or blend your fresh flowers into the sugar for a stronger perfume

  31. okay 1: rosemary has flowers? what?? and 2: pls share how 🥰🥺

  32. Yes! Rosemary has delightful little flowers 1-2 times a year and they last for only about a week or so. I use them as a garnish for steak but they’re less pungent so I’m trying them in sweets this year. My favorite so far is on top of shortbread cookies! I recommend sliding the orchid-like flower out of the green stem so it’s less sharp.

  33. It does add a little bit of moisture to the mix, if you want to dry it out then you can spread it on a baking pan on the lowest rack in your oven at the lowest temperature until it’s dried out again

  34. These look incredible. I love the almond slivers used as laurels.

  35. I picked them all out a sliver at a time to be the right sizes lol

  36. Thanks! Once I get my higher quality beads in I’m gonna sell them in my shop

  37. Well he always yelled at you for closing your game without saving.

  38. He went to anger management classes and does Saturday morning tai chi now

  39. On my phone the yellow honeycombs looks like they have mud on them, it took me a moment to look closer I take it I'm seeing it right and that's a gold coloured decoration? By the way very nice earrings :)

  40. I know what you mean haha, phones can make things look a little weird. I found those “gold leaf” honeycomb charms and knew I had to make bees for them!

  41. It’s just so comforting being surrounded by all that green 😊

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