1. Let’s not forget that Jason SA Seth but you don’t hear them saying anything about it.

  2. Forced a kiss on a teen girl when he was in his 40s…. Let his friend listen in on him having sex with his gf…. List goes on and on.

  3. C’mon no need to go for someone’s appearance. That’s TL behavior.

  4. Seems like a description, not an insult to me. David Hasselhoff is a decent looking man 🤨

  5. Jason’s podcast sucks, he’s “pulling” big names because he’s linked to David. Jason was funnier on the views podcast tbh. He better go back to clickbaiting Trisha so people will care again. His audience was originally angry teenagers they don’t care about these people

  6. I surprisingly don’t get them often but I did get one last week 🙂 I just report them for false flagging

  7. Wow 5 videos in 3 years after 2 kids 😐 it's basically the same 🤷🏼‍♀️🤡

  8. Excuse me you illiterate dope 🤨 I just said all over this post that it’s no shade. I’m coming for the people who apply a double standard and I literally said I don’t think they didn’t do any wrong… gtfoh 😤😤 I hate when I have to give reading comprehension lessons

  9. Tbh I don’t consider this exploitation. It’s a newborn baby and his family excited by his birth. But the attacks on Trisha primarily from H3 fans is so disturbing and hypocritical. Adam McIntyre for example had no shame in uplifting the Kleins as exemplary in keeping their children out of the spotlight, which tbh they aren’t the best role models for that as they aren’t vloggers (anymore) nor have they completely kept the kids away from their public social media platforms. Child exploitation takes place when the child has to essentially “perform” for the camera or the child is being placed in awkward situations to create a viral moment. Please learn the difference between the two and h3 fans please sit this one out 😌

  10. Wait, why did it take me a little too long to tell who was who on that last picture lmao 🤣 also keem dressing like he still that young 💅 it literally looks like she can be his daughter

  11. Lol Keem’s fashion sense is 🤦‍♀️. He’s a walking billboard of himself. It’s not even that bad but update the pants and sneakers 😂

  12. Ethan said on frenemies he does the cooking, I don’t think he really does it. I think that when they do cook it’s usually Ethan. I think it’s a lot of take outs for them and probably a home cook or something.

  13. Yes I noticed it’s always takeout when they talk about what they ate (which is fine). But Hila never ends up eating. Hila said her moms cooking is her favorite, and Ethan tried to recreate it but it never came out good 😂. Idk looks like Trisha made some of their mother-in-laws recipes without fail. Maybe Ethan should follow Trisha’s tutorials so that Hila could find something appetizing

  14. And who cares if she just had major surgery?! She needs to be in the kitchen!! 🙂

  15. She was actually pregnant in the last video and at the end her feet and legs were so swollen that Moses forced her out of the kitchen 🤦‍♀️

  16. Omg I love this tiktok 🥹. Trisha recently stated that she’s gonna attend more DBT counseling and other therapies to keep her MH in check. I’m really proud of her for taking that initiative. I watch some of her old car muckbangs with Moses and you can sense a difference in her from then and now

  17. Yeah I mean it's cute and everything to look at the graph if it makes you feel better but you could just look at their channels.

  18. But add in her asmr views which she uploads more frequently. And god forbid you look at her tiktok views which is a higher rated platform. The point is Trisha is doing decently well. We are specifically talking about her subscriptions in this case. No one said the h3 podcast is unsuccessful, stop being a butt hurt baby. But ETHAN HIMSELF has been crying over his subscription lost and we are commenting on it . Also Trisha is a lifestyle vlogger, Ethan is a podcaster, a podcast who has a strong visual element.

  19. I'm not saying trisha is unsuccessful and tbh I wish her the best. But this post is comparing the success of the two main platforms they post on. But I mean if this is what you gotta do to feel better bout yourself then more power to ya

  20. No one making themselves feel better. Ethan brought up the issue of subscriptions. And the irony is that h3 is losing subscribers rapidly and more than his cancelled counterpart. Thanks for wishing her well 🙂

  21. Did he really say it like that lmao. Dr Drew was completely correct when he assessed Trisha and Ethan. He said that their downfall will be not knowing each others boundaries, and he was right. H3 freaks attacked the dude over nothing

  22. Long story short he is an H3/Teddy Fresh/Families podcast/Donna simp (secret Frenemies superfan). He became well known after stanning Colleen Ballinger (he was a moderator for her I think?), when he was a teen he ask her to send him some sexy underwear that she showed in a video (and she did). He later claimed that it was a perverted thing for her to do (regardless if he requested it). He loathes Trisha and hopes to ruin her (he has a very odd obsession with Trish), he’s a true wifey (hates her openly but secretly loves her). He is KNOWN for loving someone obsessively, then switching and hating them. So it’s no surprise that Ethan is falling out of favor with him. H3 fans/Trisha fans/ Turd wifes all hate him 😂😂. He has a very low effort tea channel in which he spews all of this vitriol. He’s also bffs with Kat Tenbarge. His most recent disgusting/hypocritical acts include attacking trish for her hospital asmr vid while uplifting H3 covering Theodore’s face (the hypocrisy is that h3 has a plethora of videos with their newborns on the thumbnail). Also he harassed Eugenia Cooney claiming she was at vidcon (even though she showed proof that she wasn’t and had to extensively deny that she wasn’t)

  23. Footsoldiers since you love percentages so much… can you say “0%” increase. Say it loud so I can hear it 👂

  24. Any time they blame something on "Trisha's fans" what they really mean to say is the word "women".

  25. No fucking way. Btw this is like the 100th time Ethan has tried to stop referring to women as b-tches. Hila should let it go cuz I haven’t seen Ethan respect any of her wishes. Also I disagree in terms of offensive words and speech, Ethan wins in being problematic, slurs came pouring out of his lips like mouthsilk 😉

  26. It’s time to get a real job bubbly, Trisha can’t be your reason for living anymore 😌. Also peep how dark and demented H3 fans are, what an evil soul

  27. Because everytime someone does the cult organizes in full force. Her fashion nova TikTok’s used to get crazy engagement, especially because she’s a very recognizable plus size girl on the internet.

  28. Yeah but it’s just the turd wifeys, their frail bones can only make so many complaints

  29. Noah spoke to Trisha before (he’s a vlog squad fan) I think he complimented her I’m forgetting what he said exactly.. we stan Will Byers the gay icon

  30. Bro no one that watched frenemies watches H3. That’s his excuse to his new fans for why he’s always losing subscribers.

  31. It’s funny because they encouraged Frenemies fans (girls, gays, and theys) to unsubscribe because people didn’t like his homophobic joke. H3 sub blamed it on the females in the audience, meanwhile the female audience is what keeps H3 alive…. Dumb move 😂

  32. Olivia gets criticism when she purports to support feminism but then goes around saying Christine Quinn faked her pregnancy and showed support for an alleged p3do. We don’t come at her because she’s “likeable”😂😂. She gets the same criticism the men in the crew get (maybe even less), isn’t that what feminism is? Everyone is treated equally among genders. When she does something we disagree with, we call it out otherwise we keep it moving. You have some nerve 😂 You just called out Trisha, but we can’t call out Olivia? Pre Frenemies, H3 was extremely misogynistic on a different level. Just look at his videos on Lana Rhoades. There’s a difference between calling out a person who is a women and being misogynistic. If the term “not like the other girls” is what triggers you, idk how you go through life

  33. I’m so sick of them saying Trisha is in the wrong for taking down her literally dozens and dozens of stolen and re-uploaded videos. They are begging to get their sub shut down. Hate makes you blind and stupid, I say it all the time.

  34. Lmaooo they literally made a post about how Mattel is gonna sue Trisha for copyright infringement meanwhile they repost/reupload her content. Make it make sense 😅

  35. Yeah, I think Ethan wanted to turn Trisha into another personality that he spares with over Twitter/TikTok/Instagram like he does with Keemstar and Oliver Tree; but he severely misread the situation and went too far like he did with Nikocado Avocado and Bobby Lee.

  36. I kind of miss Moses long hair.. never thought I’d feel like it..

  37. Maybe I missed something but I kinda liked the clip. They all speaking facts about Ethan decline, and Adam supports Trisha IMO. What did I miss?

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