1. We never got to meet Alex's sister. Like, why wasn't she at his wedding to Jo. It's not like it was last minute desicion. They (well April) had been planning it for weeks

  2. I don’t know why they bring in siblings just to fuck them off later. Remember Molly? We saw nothing from her after Lexie died.

  3. Well, to be fair, she lived in an army camp and has a family unlike Lexie who has more freedom to spend time and get to know Meredith more.

  4. I meant moreso that her sister literally was eaten by wolves and we heard nothing from her…

  5. She’s not even fat really. Sure she’s not as skinny as she used to be but she’s glowing and looks happier and that’s all that matters

  6. I 100% agree, but socially, if she isn’t a size 0, she’s “obese.” It’s fucked up, but that’s the reason people refuse to use new pics of her.

  7. I’m sorry,but wasn’t it Callie that had an emotional affair with Mark,while in a relationship with Arizona? Why do some Callie fans like to gloss over that fact,as if her friendship with Mark wasn’t inappropriate.We have to stop treating emotional cheating as if it‘s not cheating just because it wasn’t physical.

  8. Probably because Callie recognises that she is flawed and actively apologises for her actions. Arizona just thinks her sunshiney personality makes up for it. I PREFER Arizona to Callie, but she is by far the more selfish person in the relationship. The hatred for Arizona is not blind at all. I don’t know why it’s a contest though; all of the characters are flawed.

  9. Move further from the city, somewhere with a main train line. Making the commute at this point is worth it.

  10. I think Kevin and Camilla should get some credit considering they’ve spent a billion seasons covering their accents. The worst actor by FAR is the guy that plays Nico. Holy shit it is so bad. No one comes close to him.

  11. Camilla Luddington for sure. Whoever played Nick from ortho, Ericka Hahn, and honestly Nicolas Herman’s acting kinda sucked too but I liked her story line

  12. I cannot stand Richard. How HE has made it this many seasons is insane. I wish he had retired one of the 181884838182727th times he said he was gonna.

  13. The doctors constantly being around open wounds, sterile fields etc. with their hair down.

  14. April has so many toxic traits. She treated Jackson like shit over and over and over about the virginity thing. Then got engaged to Matthew and almost immediately goes to Jackson asking for him to give her a reason not to get married. After Jackson said no, she should have ended things with Matthew cause she knew how she really felt. Instead she strung Matthew along only to leave him at the altar. Then how she treated Jackson after their baby died. She is awful and takes no accountability, she just blames it on being inexperienced. Being inexperienced isn’t an excuse to treat everyone like straight garbage lol

  15. How April acted during Samuel’s death is entirely reasonable. The difference between her and Arizona is April actively recognises and apologises for her mistakes. Arizona doesn’t.

  16. I’m a nursing student, constantly in and out of hospitals, and I haven’t caught Covid.

  17. I like to think that her and Thatcher coincidentally had the same last name. It happened to my grandparents before they got married :)

  18. It’s casual biphobia which was common and unfortunately accepted for the time the show was made.

  19. Really sad, but s11 e11 when April and Jackson spend those few hours with their son. That was the first time grey’s made me cry.

  20. I don't think anyone's mental health is taken seriously. One of my pet peeves is the reddit-ism that no one cares about men's mental health, while women get all the attention. I'll be 40 soon and I've never seen a woman be taken seriously.

  21. Exactly! In what world do these men live in where women are taken more seriously than they are in any respect? I wanna live there.

  22. I thought you were circling the skincare products and was like “he’s a beauty guru weirdo” THENNNN I realised.

  23. Absolutely not, it really made no sense. I thought it should have been Alex or Cristina. April was so insanely capable, all of their boards went to shit but I didn’t at all think she would have failed.

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