1. It really annoys me to no end. "Oh, these are the rules for my sleepover" yeah sure, rule number one: don't go to the damn sleepover from hell. Specially when the rules are like: sleep at this specific moment to the minute, wake up at this specific moment, don't have your penis longer than this size when erect. It's just way too ridiculously specific and "if you break this rule, find the quickest way to end your life or you will face a fate worse than death" usually follows.

  2. Loooove ittt!! I know nothing about face painting so I'm sorry I have 0 suggestions. But I literally am in love, you look so pretty!!

  3. I know I snagged it for $18!! Was super happy bc I was looking for one. I grabbed another one a couple days later really cheap too. Slightly smaller barrel. The $18 was probably a mistake. I found it searching for something else. Never on the main page. Bet they changed it after they noticed everyone buying it

  4. I am still waiting on mine. It says it was shipped on the 9th but when I checked my tracking earlier today it said usps hasn't even received the items yet! 😡🤬

  5. Random order just arrived. I didn’t order any of this.

  6. What why won’t they send the bag if they are still selling it? Tell them that’s not acceptable. Make a fuss. That’s what I do when they try to give me points or a partial refund and they usually get an actual person to email you back

  7. I got the dear beach lip oil and I love it. Unfortunately can't find the full size anywhere though :(

  8. she'd been checked out of the relationship for awhile dude. unfortunately that is how woman work. her mind is made up.

  9. I know I am correct because I have never cheated, but it I tell him to leave he will think he is 100% correct and I haven't wrapped my head around the fact that he will never believe me

  10. he will never believe you even if you prove he is wrong. my daughters dad is the same way. I've proven him wrong 100000x over and he still brings up stuff because he legitimately thinks he is right and I'm a liar. please leave while you can and NEVER look back. eventually you will just not care anymore. it's his fucked up opinion and he's allowed to feel any way he wants even if it is wrong.

  11. When I was a teenager my mother read my journal, trust was broken then and it still is now. There is a reason I have a passcode on my phone and don’t have a journal anymore, even as an adult. She’s a teenager and full of hormones and there is so many better ways to understand what’s on her mind by building her trust, not breaking it.

  12. so much this. I recently got back into trying to right but anything of actual importance is wrote out and then burned once I let it all out. 😒

  13. definitely call the police revenge porn is illegal. ALSO! then if it pops up on any sites it will be obvious where it came from. tell your family and do not let him bully you into going back. enjoy your freedom baby girl. xo

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