1. I actually saw a good amount of it recently in articles and discussions about Khiara Bridges testimonial exchange with Josh Hawley. So there's some coverage, but definitely not normally as much.

  2. Yeah not saying there isn't any trans guy hate at all (which some of y'all think that's what I'm saying..??) but the negative attention has been mostly on trans women for decades and still is

  3. What happened to previous seasons hinting to what the next season would be about ?

  4. i'm 5'8" and very skinny, but people think i'm the tallest person alive for some reason. it's never been a hindrance to me passing. i just get tired of all the comments. even women who are substantially taller then me will act like i'm a giant. many of the women i work with are my height and yet for some reason i am singled out for comments on my height. it's even happened when i'm with another women who is taller than me.

  5. Hotel is gold and brown apocalypse is purple freakshow is anything pastel and double feature is grey

  6. The one you're still commenting about online months later? The one that got overwhelmingly great reviews and massive ratings? Yes.

  7. Season 2 was literally fantastic and made me feel emotions I didn't even know i had lol

  8. Never heard of it. It's it supposed to be like Workaway?

  9. No I think they sold it. The new management wanted profit it’s not wrong. The original idea is like just have fun and no money needed we want to help travelers. It’s like webtoons and Instagram and WhatsApp are all free.

  10. Also the theme I loved the theme of 1984 it really set a great tone for the season !!!

  11. everything in that season is so predictable and none of the characters are like able or have enough development for me and the setting is god awful the fact that they yet again recycled the idea of still residing on the camp after they died ruined everything and took away from the severity of every death scene i dont understand how so many ppl like 84' in this group lol

  12. Literally so much praise for that season and for what ? I don't hate it but there's no iconic moments like lana flipping off thredson or anything it's just ok at best

  13. I honestly don’t think they thought it through, Bc he was supposed to die in season 1. Mathematically he really should be in his mid twenties. But I feel like they tried to make it that he was much younger so that they could create his storyline with Lexi.

  14. Especially with his older brother relationship with ru and ru saying " you sell drugs to teenagers" implying he isn't one

  15. Trinity paid the winner who shall not be named to write her jokes for Snatch Game Allstars 4.

  16. Very much so. She can deliver a good line she just can't write it herself. No shade I can barely wrote my name.

  17. “Taking care of the kids is the only good things she’s done” um name any good thing anyone has done in this show that’s even close to this? Y’all need to realize how incredibly hard this is, taking care of her siblings (and probably her parents) since she was like, what, 9? Half her childhood, all of her teenage years and her early 20s are all devoted to her siblings. Debbie struggled to raise ONE and she was much older than Fiona was when she started. I’d say this is a pretty strong excuse cuz she never learned how to sustain a relationship because she never get to be a kid exploring love. She was busy being a mother and father to 5 kids.

  18. Literally it's so weird how her doing a few bad things makes her a villain how can people ignore everything she's done for everyone ?

  19. I know it's other people's opinions but how anyone can say cult or hotel are the worst is beyond me ...

  20. He tastes like dick but with a sweet taste.

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