1. That trailer music gave me the chills. The Wakanda forever chanting at the end was 👌

  2. Not really sure why Ericson is spelled with a “c” but it came it clutch against the Starmie! Hopefully your potential Victreebel will not try not to eat you.

  3. I didn’t know it’s spelled with a “k” D: whelp, I can’t change it now…or maybe the name rater is in Vermilion? But either way, yes - he was amazing against Starmie!

  4. I like to think of it more like a Xros instead of a Jogress or App-Gattai. Reviewmon and Shellmon are different levels as well after all.

  5. This is giving vibes from that one Courage the Cowardly Dog episode - the one with the underwater spirit who took Eustace hostage.

  6. Gasp. A moderator posting on their Genlocke Leg? I can't belie-

  7. They just revealed the megas and new Ultimates for the new Vital Bracelet, my theory is there's going to be a season 2.

  8. The trio’s Megas have been revealed?!

  9. I don’t have the survey, but please tell them to make a sequel!

  10. Thanks for the shoutout - I appreciate it! The presentation of the rules was easy to follow and looked great too. Good luck going forward! These are indeed quite fun to do :)

  11. Eww a mod. What losers you mods are! I can't imagine being that much of a loser...

  12. I guess you don't have to imagine though, huh? Hehe

  13. Indeed! Even with a Sawk or Throh, there’s a chance her Normap types can still get the jump on a player. So, I definitely appreciate not having to deal with that reality, aha. And thank you! It’s been a long time since I’ve played this game, but I do believe the difficulty starts to ramp up once we get past Castelia…

  14. There are variations, but for me it works like this.

  15. So, what else are those giant lights used for when not being used for filming?

  16. Yup. Pressing it makes Donald and Goofy group up with Sora. They also sometimes say something and their status bars have a blue glow outlining them to show they are being Called.

  17. One thing I like about Ghost Game is that the writers/whomever do their best to display all of a Digimon's special skills - I thought we would see the Antylamon only do the Bunny Blades again, but we got Meditation Cure and Arm Bomber instead! As someone who is fan of Digimon being animated using all of their skills, it makes me happy.

  18. I think hard water is a big reason for some of my hair loss :( I hate it but can’t move from where I’m from

  19. Gah! I almost missed the this. Good thing I scroll deep into posts so I don’t miss these

  20. Congratulations on the deathless victory! That’s two for two that I have read tonight and that’s wonderful to see. It’s all funny how you’re about to enter Emerald right as

  21. Congratulations on the deathless victory and clearing Leg 3! I really feel like Midbus is regional MVP for Hoenn. Anyway, to be deathless in Emerald is an amazing feat - I wish I could say the same, hehe. And lovely post as always.

  22. Midbus III continue to be your regional MVP! Yay for Snorlax friends. And covering 3 Gyms? Holy moly, make sure to savor the journey too, haha. But I suppose now I can look forward to how you handle Tate & Liza. Good luck with them.

  23. Ugh. Threading the Twineedle is totally something I would say for a title, haha; I love it. Anyway, RIP to your Nidorino and Meowth - Surge is indeed difficult without Ground types and this battle showed; that Full Heal also caught me off guard too. But past that, the team has bounced back with some promising recruits though - so, I'm looking forward to how they stabilize in the next update. Good luck with Koga!

  24. I thought this was a random skit at first before realizing it’s real. That’s crazy. Shooting down the idea due to the implication of a Pokémon dying is one thing (even if death is an aspect in the series…), but equating the style of play to a ROM hack is incredibly bizarre. And severely out of touch, but I can’t be surprised there.

  25. So, how many episodes do we think/know Ghost Game is getting?

  26. Lovely, lovely post decoy. You've really outdone yourself with this graphic! I may have to steal some ideas in the future, hehehehehe. I imagine sifting through all those previous battles for the data portion must have been a chore if you weren't doing so as you went along. Somewhat joking aside, I didn't expect the victory lap so soon. That aside, you certainly have put together a run to be proud of here - your previous iteration and this are like night and day! But anyway, you did it - superbosses, Ultra Sun, Mega Mewtwo, and all.

  27. because the whole point of a Generations Locke is to use the Pokémon you acquire over the generations. Shelving their Totodile from the previous Leg defeats the purpose of bringing it over in the first place lol

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