1. Think about the origins of these two conflicts and you'll see they're very different, even if they look the same at the superficial level.

  2. Oh I absolutely am still in favor of massively loosening up immigration restrictions. I just find it frustrating how this subreddit acts like brain drain is real when it advantages its rhetoric (Russia is being hurt by sanctions, EU regulations stifle growth) and like it isn't real when it would hurt our causes. I would prefer your position: even if it is real, it would be immoral to use border restrictions as a mechanism to stop it.

  3. I mean, make good policies and other people's brains will drain to you. The answer is better policies not border restrictions.

  4. Well, it's not like something like a central African country will be able to "brain drain" the US just due to the economies and everything.

  5. True, but in the case of developing countries, money sent home by citizens abroad is an important source of development money.

  6. In the US, everyone after the ipad/Square method of payment took hold. Also Covid accelerated tipping culture somehow. I don't tip for drip, but I think it's standard to tip for anything espresso based. Usually $1-2 or 20% is typical. Not endorsing it, but that's how it be in 2022

  7. If half the class drops out, they realise that the subject is nothing for them. Better than having to go through with one because you paid for it.

  8. Usually the entry requirements are tough, so only students who can graduate will get accepted.

  9. well, that's acceptable, but how does that contradict my statement?

  10. Why do you think I'm trying to contradict you? I'm just sharing additional information about the British system...

  11. Woah you get a 'chef?' I've never had more than 'Soßesalatalles?'

  12. The part with the language is very dependent on the area you want to move to.

  13. Of course, but what western immigrant goes to rural Bavaria? In Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne - the places Americans are likely to want to go - it's possible to find an English-speaking job.

  14. Well Munich isn't rural but for that city i'd also highly recommend knowing Germand and/or Bavarian.

  15. Heterosexuality is a HUGE part of performing expected gender roles, so if you can be attracted to the "right" people, it's a lot easier to avoid self-awareness about gender -- and other people will reinforce that for you at every turn.

  16. I agree but I think another aspect is that cis-heterosexuality is *so* dominant in society that it's difficult to even consider alternatives, except *possibly* cis-homosexuality.

  17. Honestly, for me 35 is perfect summer weather. This year has been the best summer for many years.

  18. I'm confused about that too, obviously you can't buy a key cut for someone else's car lock on Amazon... But also, what relevance is the make and model of the car for getting a key cut? You just need the key, and you can make a copy.

  19. Yeah what's so bad about cheerleaders?

  20. I personally draw the line at Ukraine and Belarus east border.

  21. Well, If you do not speak German, the quality of life can be bad anywhere in Germany except Berlin. So doesn't matter how much you make!

  22. I live in Berlin with minimal German skills, and many people have told me "oh you couldn't manage without German in Munich". But when I went to Munich I didn't notice any difference in the English ability of the population compared to Berlin. I think that's really a myth.

  23. It would be a lot easier to ask him yourself on the market, instead of thousand of strangers, who most likely never even saw him.

  24. But then they would have to wait 6 days, they need tiramisu NOW!

  25. A date is supposed to be fun. If you both enjoy the date, you go on another date. And another and another. If you continue liking each other it can become a relationship.

  26. I have literally no idea how people function like that. I am not only incapable of being exactly on time, but I also can't imagine how anyone else is capable of being precisely on time.

  27. I feel the same but I've had some problems in Germany with that approach... Many people say adamantly "being late shows you don't care about other people's time". My response is always "I don't expect you to be literally standing at the door waiting for me at 19:59..." I would be perfectly happy to occupy myself with something else until the other person arrived. But no, they literally do just stand and wait!

  28. There are people living this kind of lifestyle out there already. I would be worried about your safety, but if you really want to do this it's probably going to be easier to join a pre-existing group than starting one from scratch.

  29. Do you know about the physicist who tried to escape East Berlin in a homemade hot air balloon? He went way too high and couldn't get down, and after something like 12 hours he was about to fly back over the border towards Potsdam, so he climbed on top of the balloon and cut a hole - but lost his grip and fell to his death in a backyard in Zehlendorf... This was like 6 months before the wall came down, so extra sad!

  30. The idea is to blend in as much as you need to. He just needs to walk down the street with a tail or cars nearby, keep his head down or the wig around his face, act distracted, look in shop windows, keep track of what block/street he's supposed to be on, have a plan and stick to it. People will see what they want to see, which is an easy mark. Purses are so easy.

  31. I mean, a guy can also look in shop windows... It seems more likely dressing up as a woman was some kind of inside joke or hazing ritual tbh.

  32. I don't think I've ever seen anyone peel a zucchini before. 😨

  33. My grandparents used to do that with ones they grew in their garden too. The skin is way tougher on home-grown ones than ones you buy in the store, and the bigger they get the tougher it becomes.

  34. It has to do with the amount of hormone in relation to body mass.

  35. If that's really the only reason then surely it's as simple as taking a larger dose? (On the recommendation of a doctor/pharmacist)

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