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  1. Someone explain this to me I’ve never seen Evangelion

  2. I don't know what either of those are.

  3. Undertale is a 2D isometric pov game with some fairly creative gameplay.

  4. how sensible we talking? I heard some of them wanted it fully banned for law abiding citizens.

  5. people say dumb stuff every day - I'd start with just making it as hard as getting a driver's license, at least.

  6. yeah, that does sound sensible, but then what about people who won't be able to go through the process? they are supposed to stay defenseless while everyone around has a gun?

  7. What sucks is you’re 100% right however most of the “support” in your comments are just from men who wanna see boobs

  8. it's not really men fault, this is literally physically embedded in our DNA, I was never taught to like boobs. I never had a father to tell me "yo look at them boobs". At some point in my life I just started to notice that boobs look really nice. What am I supposed to do? Go to therapy?

  9. offer you can't refuse cuz you will be killed, is that right?

  10. Anime is cartoons, every downvote I get confirms that

  11. so what? nobody ever denied that, you are literally arguing with a wall, what's the point. At least say something like watching anime is lame or anime is for kids.

  12. And also the race event had crews had unique voice

  13. also the primo victoria and pretty fly crews have unique voiceovers

  14. He wasn't crossdressing, why are you muddying the message with this obvious lie?

  15. This person is using a tragedy of other people to shutdown a subreddit they don't like, how is this allowed, truly disgusting behaviour.

  16. here in Poland they just started looking more strictly at e-scooter laws. They argumented it saying that 1/3 of e-scooter accidents were caused by e-scooter drivers. And I'm like what, who caused the 2/3 of those accidents? maybe you should look at that instead.

  17. Nobody cares what the USA does, they were waging wars for decades, raiding other countries for literally no reason and were never sanctioned.

  18. don't blame WG, blame players who have no idea how to play the game, if you have half of the team who can't shoot more than 3 times per battle without dying you have a problem

  19. You are supposed to own nothing and be happy, when will you finally understand such a simple statement.

  20. if the concept of square numbers is hard to understand I have bad news for you

  21. No, tbh i find them pretty easy, but im in 8th grade, and there people in my class that still find it hard to understand (they often mistake it with multiplying the number by two instead of by itself). I mean they are the generic dumb popular girls but still, very stupid

  22. I think it might be just attention span problem caused by constant watching tik tok videos, they are seconds long and people keep feeding thousands of those into them.

  23. Yeah choose carefully, you can only be 1 of those :)

  24. funny thing is the USA couldn't handle half a problem with that money, they have the money, they have much more since they keep sending it.

  25. You think that’s going to change anyone’s mind?

  26. think about a grandma, do you want to kill a grandma?

  27. they want their comfy conspiracies back, the ones that are far away. they dont want to wrap their head around that the conspiracies are in the open now

  28. yeah, these people can't even understand the difference between conspiracy and conspiracy theory. The US education system is really in a sad place.

  29. Brother tried to kill himself by stabbing himself in the neck. Lived. Got to the hospital. And what did they do to an already mentally suffering patient? Force him to take an ambulance to the psych ward rather than let his very willing mother take him, and charge him 10k, JUST for the ambulance. Not the treatment.

  30. bruh, that's straight up evil, I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy

  31. they were just mad that they rigged the 2016 elections and still lost

  32. The facepalm here is that these people (upvotes) actually believe half of their country is raging racists who love to see other people being killed.

  33. Half the country doesn't find it to be a deal breaker or don't care that the politicians and media they align with continually fans the flames of division with rhetoric that causes people to kill others.

  34. They would have all the right to blame them if not for the fact they are hypocrites who literally do the same thing.

  35. if they really wanted to balance the game they wouldn't need to nerf any reward and premium tank, just add one 0 to every HP bar and a 0 to every alpha damage except of the tanks that are too powerful, let's see if people will still play their Chieftains when it deals 400 dmg while other tanks deal 4000

  36. And now you've created a number of severely underpowered vehicles how are you going to balance them?

  37. buff them until they are balanced with other tanks, simple as that

  38. Imagine if he actually got in there undetected and capped it singlehandedly. That would be a fucking worthy Raider:

  39. Yeah, I got this medal in O-I once, entire enemy team and our team went one side, a lot of players got removed from the game before I entered the circle so they had no forces to fall back while keeping my team from rushing them so I was free to cap the thing.

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