1. Two big countries go on a war, they are so good fighters that none of them can win, then between dead and injured people a new country is born๐Ÿ’€

  2. seeing the answers, I think that there are so many cool things about our countries history that are ignored or receive little attention in our education systems, that's a shame

  3. proteins are made up of a smaller thing called amino acid, those have been created in pre-historical Earth scenario in experiments, so the pieces of protein were there by natural events that lead to chemical reactions

  4. Inpopular opinion: I dont like the idea of adding the same person again with little differences, it's better to add someone else

  5. It's fine but she ain't gonna serve any time at all

  6. *priest. She apparently really wanted him to be a priest even at that meeting

  7. Pedro I is the father of the nation but he left us to chase a foreign crown.

  8. He lost the crown by abdication. Of course, he abdicated due to pressure from the Liberals, but that pressure only existed because he mismanaged the economy, the Cisplatine War, and his abusing the Discretionary Power to a degree not seen before or since.

  9. Is the universe infinite or finite? We don't know, there's no indication that the universe is finite, but it could just be really huge. Infinity is hard to imagine.

  10. So is an "end" though, how would it even interact with things trying to cross it?

  11. it wouldn't, if you are next to the end then you are not in the end, but actually extending it to the point you reached since you can only go to where it exists, there's no line to cross, you are part of the line

  12. if there was a start as a big bang it looks pretty safe to say the universe is finite, since it woudnt suddenly become infinite and break conservation rules for the sake of whatever

  13. As we don't have others to compare I'm going for states, and Bahia got it man, but Rio makes a pretty decent 2nd place

  14. Caral, in Peru. Home of the oldest civilization in the Americas, the Caral-Supe were also remarkably complex in pretty much every aspect of society including governance and architecture โ€” and they did all that some 1100 years before the first Mayan cities appeared.

  15. Autocracy is good in a OCC, or if you're rushing wonders early.

  16. A big mexico with the acknowledge of the existence of Argentina and Brazil, the latter being all Carnival stereotype

  17. It's a matter of opinion, but I think Brazil wins because of its size there's no way to compete, it's like saying who would be richer between China and Tuvalu

  18. If our presidents had invested on railroads instead of shitty highway for trucks.... we certainly would be in a better situation

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