1. Elliot's because of the daily love letters. They're just so sweet.

  2. I did get a small pregnancy wedge pillow for my belly because the angle was hard to simulate with regular pillows and the weight of my belly pulling while lying on my side felt weird. It was worth it, affordable and doesn't take up much space, but everyone has different needs.

  3. It sounds like we may have experienced the same thing, but it wasn't Braxton Hicks. It was just that baby had flipped to face my spine and she was stretching her limbs and pushing against my spine now, which meant her back and butt was pressing up against my stomach. This was an entirely new sensation because she had always been facing toward my stomach. Also it felt like her arms were punching solely on the side and not all over like before. So it could be just that. But also call if you're at all worried, that's what they're there for.

  4. Extra saliva that I choke on constantly. Who is that for? It makes no sense

  5. I eagerly started to read the responses because I too would like to know where the best pub fare in Ottawa is, and I think it's hilarious that a lot of the answers aren't actually in Ottawa. It's so bad here you have to go to Carp or Arnprior to get anything considered half decent 😂 I am a fan of Atomic Rooster, but I haven't been in ages

  6. I'm doing this too, but I am informing everyone ahead of time. I'm calling it my confinement month and I'm telling everyone it's just a trend that my generation is embracing for mental health reasons and to prepare for birth. And anyone who doesn't get on board can get stuffed.

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