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  1. Yeah I met him once, he seems nice but rambles a lot

  2. but his voice is smooth, so I give it a pass

  3. But where are those who share the memory?

  4. wasted in the Angel's share, sluring harp songs

  5. Hoyo will be fine, and so are we. Us both have been together through Inazuma and Hoyo's profit is in the billions while we get the experiences of a lifetime.

  6. Honestly, you might be right. I cannot speak for all, but perosnally the leaks havent changed much of my excitment nor spending habits. Im simply glad I have some banners to skip to build wishes. If I didnt know, well, coudlnt do shit about it anways

  7. Wow, what an amazing artstyle! Whats your shading progress?

  8. First we have femboy god, then good looking god, the boob god then next is smol god, nexts is either fight god or law god

  9. be mindful of the texture of whatever surface you're shading. the way cloth scatters light is different depending on the material (for example, burlap vs silk). imo, what's more important than the technical skill of shading is understanding how light works (how shadows are created, the way light is reflected/scattered in a scene, how light affects color, etc).

  10. Thank you a lot! I went through your other artworks! Consider me even more impressed. Any chance you have insta? I saw a twitter link, but I do not use twitter and reddit isnt very good for seeing specifics peoples artworks

  11. they don't hate each other, but Eula doesn't want anything to do with Diluc

  12. Now I'm more for Jean×Diluc and Rosaria × Kaeya, but Kaeluc is still better than Aether × Lumine

  13. both. both is good I like to understand shit (i do not speak jp nor chi) and I feel like the VAs fit the chara

  14. bruh, I have her in my team for years, how do i not knwo this??

  15. Ohh nice, my benny is a bit undellevelled but with him i can get 39 k i think yeaa

  16. trust that other comment. build your Supports! they are really low effort anways

  17. Which team comp? Yuu have rather low Atk, but Bennet 4pc NO and Succrose TTDS holder can change that. It litteraly boosts my 2.100 atk to 3.700 Atk and with a rather shitty crit ratio, I still can manage to plunge 50k

  18. How many patches till we get him I need to start saving asap

  19. please no, i need to collect enough primos

  20. same! sometimes i need to get "in the voice". Then I just play some voice lines in my head, then Im able to read everythin in yelans and zhonglis voice. It always works. quite fun too

  21. This is SO AWESOME! Man, where can I read part 2? I LOVE that idea that Yelan found out, it was Zhongli all along and keeps questioning him about it. It makes sense, if you think about it and the story got me invested. I have and love both charas, so see them in one comic together is just a treat

  22. I am loving the clear shapes and lines! very sharp linework, keep up the great work!

  23. Stunning cosplay, Bro! Great job. Managed to make it look exactly like him too! Hope you dont mind, but I must say, you do look very handsome in it too

  24. So, I'm 58m. Been playing since March. My daughter 23, talked me into playing because I've always been a huge comic book and anime fan (she does Genshin cosplay). I still don't play co-op because of some of the things I've read from the community. There are always toxic people in any community. Don't let that affect your enjoyment of the game. It should be about your enjoyment. Cheers.

  25. coop in genshin is soo chill. Im AR 57, played for some over a year - never had a bad coop experience. Eu server btw

  26. Well first of all, I can definitely see improvement between 21 and 22! You’ve clearly become much for confident in your line work!

  27. Thank you! Where in particular do you see anatomy-mistakes in the 2nd Picture on which I should work to improve?

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