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  1. No, I live in the uk and weed is illegal, Admittly I would be interested in trying it if it was legal though

  2. Nutritionally the OP would live to be a thousand and be in godly shape...

  3. I am a pregnancy provider. I have done with 2 couples and few more are in discussion. After everything is discussed and done. I keep something as a proof where couple consent to it and make a statement that the child will never be my burden and i will never involve with it. This goes for both ways as couple get assurance that i will never try to claim my right on child as well.

  4. And you'll never do a 23andMe or Ancestry.com test. And if you ever have a family, and your wife or kids get you a test as a gift, you'll blow them off or outright reject their gift. It will always be a skeleton in your closet.

  5. I have made peace with this lifestyle as the upside feel really good to me and i am very well aware of the downside too.

  6. Surely you enjoy the humiliation aspect? Which in itself is a type of emotional aspect to it no?

  7. I mean emotions would obviously be there but i am emotiinally attached here..

  8. I dont think they ll try that in himachal because everyone want anurag thakur to go.

  9. Wait… wasn’t there a guy who posted something similar and that he pretended to loudly talk on his phone to “tell” his mom he was walking to her place and he’d be there in a few minutes (to calm down the woman he was walking behind)?

  10. I do this too. Talk loudly on phone or walk slow to stay behind or stop at random shop for a sec. Sometime its obvious that person ahead of you is bit scared.

  11. This is sort of cherry picking because forget supporting, there rape charges on polititians themselves.

  12. Most of Redditors on this sub are mostly Teenagers who can't remember the Shah Bano case in which the Congress overturned a supreme decision in favor of Islamic fundamentalist who not only denied alimony to a poor divorced Muslim women and made her a destitute but also millions of other Muslim women in India all too keep their Muslim vote-bank intact.

  13. This is the deeped context people dont know. People hardly remember how bad it was in gujarat. Constant mafia, goon vilence with huge riots. We used to pray that we can reach safely while passing through gujarat.

  14. Its not as if there was any dry spell, in fact in the last 6 political cycles, anti-incumbency has ruled. No govt. has been able to stay more than a term. Similar to Rajasthan. Won't be surprised if 5 years later BJP ousts Cong, and the cycle goes on...

  15. True..the reason for bjp loss here was anurag thakur..his constituency had 18 seats, out of which only 1 was won. He is like prakash jawdekar 2.0

  16. I am a bull and yeah..there were sometimes where "i " was the anniversary present..lol

  17. Too much about not being able to satisfy a partner. I’m a great fuck, well endowed, skilled, have given more women more orgasms than many bulls, still better at it than most bulls we’ve run across, but I’m kinky and chastity + cuckolding does things to me 😁

  18. This is true..not every couple i have been with, had satisfaction issue. Kink is a bigger factor here

  19. This is the highest ever in gujarat..beating the previous record of congress as well.

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