FBI rescues more than 200 trafficking victims, including 84 children, in "Operation Cross Country"

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US paedophile dies after drinking mystery liquid during guilty verdict

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Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption

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  1. There's always a few angry people on reddit that will downvote your comment no matter what, I don't understand what the point is.

  2. I downvote a lot of people when I drop my phone on my face. My nose just hits that down arrow somehow.

  3. Part of the reason Robert Downey Jr managed it was that he was out of the limelight for a while, got a little older, and that gave him breathing space to get his shit together.

  4. Oh sweety, half your nautical terms are already Dutch words.

  5. Could you explain it? I think it went over my head

  6. The person they were replying to said "I hope everybody involved in trafficking humans has a very slow and painful death."

  7. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was referring to the mk2/mk2s. But you're right, you shouldn't take a Fenix diving nor push the buttons underwater.

  8. I'm in a similar boat. Working toward my master diver certification and building it my kit. I've been considering the Aqualung i330R, Shearwater Peregrine, or Garmin G1 Solar. I love the clear display on the Shearwater, but it's $100 more than the i330R and no additional features for the money except a bigger screen.

  9. Shearwater is worth it just for the screens and the warranty, even if they don't have anything else over a competitor. Especially that screen, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes when you're waist deep in pitch black muck absolutely silted to hell. I'm so glad I got a perdix instead of something else.

  10. Also, McArthur vowing to return and keeping his word. There is apparently a double life sized statue on the beach where he came ashore in WWII.

  11. Belgian beer is better anyway. That's the real reason they went through Belgium to get to France. Military strategy had nothing to do with it.

  12. There is a major labor and material shortage, good chance they are sitting on the land because they don't have labor or material on hand.

  13. I've needed an electrician to do a relatively simple job (a subpanel for a new water heater) since January. I literally can't find one willing to do a short residential job because they're booked out a year in advance with big developers. I even offered a couple of them triple their normal rate and they still won't do it. They won't even let me get in line.

  14. There are disciplines for vampires to know what you know. I'd bring it to the prince - depending on where you want to go with the character (do you want to become a vampire or rather be free of them ... ) - and hope he sees use in you.

  15. I think he was especially upset that an otherwise reputable company absolutely tanked itself for this thing.

  16. USFA made really nice black powder replicas. The ones still in circulation go for thousands of dollars now, but they were more reasonably priced back when they were still being manufactured. It would actually be great if they were still around doing that.

  17. your being way to generous to it. Not even exaggerating it consistently gets off 4-5 shots if you load 10. Almost as bad as my Tec-22

  18. There's also that absolute galaxy brain charging handle where you have to constantly put your hand right next to the muzzle. Surely nothing can go wrong while using that to clear your 35th malfunction of the day.

  19. I am a huge fan of the balance lug, but have never tried a dipping or standing lug. Looking at the yard and how far forward it goes of the mast and if the tack is tied off to the stem, tacking must be a bear. As I understand the typical dipping lug, the tack is attached to the boom not farward of the mast, so when the portion of the yard forward of the mast is pulled aft, the sail can fold up and come around the mast when tacking. This set up looks like they tack would need to be loosed to bring the yard around. Can someone who knows these vessels enlighten me

  20. Dipping lugs are pretty much universally set up with the tack of the sail attached to the stem of the boat, and they never have booms, just the yard. The lack of a boom is one of the key features of a dipping lug.

  21. Thank you. I had not realized that you had to undo the tack to shift the yard. Other than that A& B are how I understood the yard was shifted.

  22. Because the dipping lug doesn't have a boom to help shape it, the consequences of being on the "wrong" tack are more pronounced than they are for a balance lug. You can actually lose quite a bit of boat speed, depending on how easily driven the hull is. The dipping lug generates an absolutely enormous amount of power on the "right" tack partially because it's so unrestricted and can form a strong, clean airfoil, so that's more easily disrupted.

  23. You left out deteriorating pretense of democratic institutions.

  24. In some places, the pretense hasn't been there in a long time, especially at the local level. For example, between voter suppression and district gerrymandering, my county right now is being fought over between six Republicans. No one else is on the ballot, not even an Independent candidate, and absolutely no one is going to openly come out as a Democrat/liberal because of potential violence.

  25. I would second this comment. Your average supernatural would see what was happening, but they wouldn't necessarily know how or why.

  26. According to the article it was also 7 lbs of weed. That's intent to distribute.

  27. I'd be surprised if this guy didn't end up spending life in prison. Every NFA charge carries a maximum of ten years by itself when they actually bother to prosecute...and this has made the news, so they will. That's 1140 years right there. Plus the drug charges, plus the fact that he's a repeat felonious offender. I know they'll probably make a bunch of the time for the weapons charges concurrent instead of consecutive, but still.

  28. Cool, so there can definitely be tzimisce out there that look completely normal presumably.

  29. A decent number of Tzimisce go completely the opposite direction and make themselves beautiful and alluring enough to match - or even surpass - your average Toreador.

  30. Thanks for the advice. Is there a website that offers stats for boats regarding the vanishing angle of stability? I did a quick search and couldn’t find much

  31. Not that I know of. All of the stats like the angle of vanishing stability, righting moment, center of gravity, center of effort, center of buoyancy, and so on are usually buried in the actual engineering materials for your boat. In most cases, the best you can do without being able to talk to the naval architect or other members of the engineering team is an estimate.

  32. I wonder what the judge thinks it is then, because that paves the way for all sorts of questions.

  33. If it's not a profession, I'm pretty sure that means that they shouldn't get paid, have a union, or expect certain workplace safety standards, either.

  34. When you say "work" what I care about is: will a helicopter show up if I'm hiking the rocky mountains by myself. As I understand it, it should, as both countries allow PLBs to be used in land. And I guess Australia may notify the US that I am lost?

  35. The way PLBs work is that multiple military satellite constellations belonging to the US, Russia, France, and Canada can pick up the signal. The signal carries a minimal amount of information which should include GPS coordinates on modern units, but even if it doesn't for whatever reason, several satellites will trilaterate the position of the beacon. That information is then sent from the satellites to the appropriate ground terminal for that region of the globe, which then hands it off to local search and rescue teams.

  36. I read the headline out loud and asked my husband “what could be in that bottle that acted that fast?”

  37. They aren't super clear on exactly how long it was between him drinking the liquid and death. Botulinum toxin will pretty consistently kill you within 12 to 24 hours and it's easy to manufacture, so my money's on that. It paralyzes you but keeps you fully conscious while you're dying, so what they interpreted as him being "unconscious in his cell" might have just been the initial paralysis stage.

  38. Partially- it’s mostly because a looooong chunk of the anime(and probably manga) took place on Namek, and seemed to go on forever. Namek Arc was just one of the earliest iconic instances of the manga environment and arc being stale and overstaying its welcome and feeling like it’s been padded for time and taking forever for something to happen.

  39. When I was a kid, I was glad Frieza blew it up because it meant we wouldn't have to see fights on Namek anymore.

  40. They’ll say it’s a financially important market for their community, tourist dollars and such.

  41. I'm not saying to do it, I'm just saying that a backpack sprayer full of Roundup in the hands of an artist whose greatest passion is drawing penises would probably send a far louder and more annoying message than the concrete holes.

  42. Oh no, lol. I average somewhere in the low 100's. No point in trying to lie like better clubs will help my game at all.

  43. Does tobacco (unsmoked) smell bad?

  44. Depends who you ask. I grew up on a combination tobacco/horse farm and the drying barn was one of my favorite places to hang out when I was a kid, partially because of the pleasant smell and partially because of the absolute silence.

  45. Not for caverns. Caverns are usually defined as the natural light zone of a cave with a direct line of sight to the surface.

  46. Lots of videos and pics out there of patients taken by nurses and docs.

  47. I know some docs will take photos of unusual injuries or illnesses so that they can show them to students or at conferences, but I've never seen them fail to thoroughly anonymize it.

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