1. Loool not necessarily man. There's alot of good shit that's out that there still shiny

  2. Rapid heart beat is normal dependinghow much you did. Can't say anything about the neck problem tho. Cold sweats is also weird...kinda like withdrawal symptom you get from opioids. I dunno man that's odd ...but maybe cheese not for you ? Or try diff dealer with diff shit?

  3. Little bit confused ? Are the effects you're experiencing not normal ??

  4. Where are you going ? Kinda depends on that too. Like out of country ?

  5. Puerto Vallarta but like mainly staying by the hotel and visiting some more of local town

  6. Don't worry man it won't be hard to find in mex. It'll find you hahaha literally everyone will ask you. Wouldn't buy at the resort tho. Try a bar or club always had better luck finding good shit. Resorts usually have shit cause they know most tourists will buy no matter what. Just whatever you do make sure when you buy it you're inside not right out on the street 👌

  7. To each their own I guess hahaha I'd rather do coke than meth

  8. Weird cause the smallest amount of meth should do the trick unless coke and metj were shit

  9. It is indeed... with Xanax and hydration to keep me from feeling like absolute death eventually lol

  10. Ya xans would make me feel worse lool but ya good to get to bed on them

  11. Ya forsure they're good for coming down. For me they just make me super drowsy Next day. Never been into pills tho

  12. Hahaha ya I have a love hate relationship with it. Always seems like a good idea until it's 7am lool

  13. I meant like cooking into into rock not lighting on fire bro

  14. haha yes i know , read a lot about it, but i still wanted to smell the burnt powder, on two batchs i had so i burnt a very little amounm i was slightly different, but i cannot say really how, so i will never do it again, as long i dont want to smoke it ;)

  15. Loool ya don't smoke it. That still won't tell you the purity of it tho

  16. My honest opinion don't listen to idiots on here that sau it's shit cause it's shiny lol it doesn't look like bad coke. Hard to say without cooking it and doing it lolol

  17. Go Ham don’t be safe u say? Nah thank u fr. Got a girl to come thru so the session is turning up a bit

  18. That doesnt even look like coke lol why would you snort that

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