1. Only if you do catastrophic damage to it somehow, which is waaaaay outside the scope of normal anal.

  2. For real though, detaining someone for a long time without charge is fucked up, no matter who it is. Japan is really well know for that shitty practice, but at least for them it's around 23 days before a charge must be brought against them (they have other ways of ruining your life though, there is a reason their conviction rate is so high and it isn't competence).

  3. Afaik he's been charged with stuff. He hasn't been convicted for anything. There's a difference.

  4. It's all very confusing for me to be honest. The Charges are for Rape and Human Trafficking, but the articles I have read all note that none of the four involved have been formally charged yet. I honestly don't know what's happening.

  5. Not to panic you but that sounds quite a lot like a heart problem. You need to go to ER as soon as you can. It is pretty serious. Get someone to drive you, don't walk unless you absolutely have to.

  6. I see. I guess I was in denial that this might be a heart problem. I will go right away. Thanks.

  7. It might not be! But please don't take that risk. I am really sorry for your circumstances, I wish you the best.

  8. Pepper, because she looks like a spicy little cat.

  9. The absurd theories are either crazy people, or a secret government plot to discredit conspiracy theories by associating them with insanity, making it much harder for whistle-blowers to be taken seriously. You decide which.

  10. Yeah, definitely YTA for this. It's cool to lock the door if they also have a key, but you locked them away from utilities they had every right to use. There is no way you're not a massive asshole for this, regardless of if you like them or anything else.

  11. Yep, some people do, no there isn't a good reason to hate on a group of people like that. There are plenty of individuals within said group who earn the hatred, however, and it's totally cool to hate them specifically.

  12. It tastes like metal. If you like sucking on a pencil-case zipper, it's like that but more spicy.

  13. Telling a victim of sexual assault that they should own their mistakes is screwed up, and I'm sorry you were told to do so. I hope it didn't make you feel too bad, but from what you have said you were definitely a victim.

  14. The SEC said to sell GME? I am very out of the loop at this point, but I wasn't aware they were even meant to have opinions like that.

  15. Owl house was a little sickly-sweet on occasion, but overall it is a very healthy relationship dynamic that shows some common pitfalls kids might run into in their first relationship and how to work through them. We really need more like it, teens should absolutely be exposed to the innocent side of love that teens experience, instead of their only reference being (straight, often unhealthy) adult relationships that are much more complex and less relevant to them. It's hard to get people on-board because obviously there are some no-go areas, but it's really really important for healthy teen development.

  16. So let me get this straight. If I eat my own weight in vitamins A and D I will become immune to everything? What would you even need the other ones for?

  17. A functioning brain and nice hair, obviously. That’s why I’m selling my “Immunity and Brain Booster with Hair Care” supplement.

  18. NTA Your wife should be pissed, 100%. Your sister-in-law is being absolutely diabolical and fully deserves to bear the brunt of that anger. It doesn't matter what her situation is, she doesn't get to act like a petulant child. None of this is your fault so please do not take it personally. You did nothing wrong. Realistically you and your wife should be putting significant distance between yourselves and your sister-in-law if you can.

  19. That's based on human values. Genocide is the murder of an entire people. Why, specifically, is that evil outside a human mindset of "human life has value" (or other judgement about value/worth). Is the natural disaster that damaged the poverty stricken country, considered evil, given that it destroys human life?

  20. Can't quit if you don't want to. As long as the will is there, they'll go right back to it once they have the opportunity. You have to find some reason that resonates with him. However, I had a lot of luck with patches when I quit. Gum didn't work, vapes didn't work, but patches and meditation did the trick. I suspect it's different for everyone.

  21. My inviting my girlfriend to my house is equatable to her going to a party at a creepy guy’s house how? what kind of logic is that?

  22. An actually insane take, to the point its almost certainly a joke. NTA, good job looking after your sister.

  23. I'm pretty sure this is satire but I'm too tired to tell

  24. It's a copy pasta but a good one. This unclaimed child question comes up quite a lot.

  25. I wish whenever someone says my real name, a random object no closer than 2 meters but no further than 10 meters is forced to become sentient.

  26. Your name becomes so common, that you forever hear the screams of sentient immobile tormented life around you.

  27. Ahaha YEEEEEEEEES perfect. I can finally sleep peacefully.

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