1. I'm a casual single player only person. I try to do my daily marathons. That's about it. Wait for new tracks. Recently they had all those LM cars in the Legends shop so I farmed over 12 million to buy them plus a couple other Legend cars.

  2. Geralt always puts human lives first, unless humans are being idiots. In this case, both Syanna and Dettlaff were in the wrong, but:

  3. GT7 at times is not so much video game as it is an interactive magazine. In light of that, things like the poor AI become superfluous, as the driving is more important than the competition.

  4. They have a superior level of lighting mastery compared to other games especially racing games.

  5. Forza Motorsport already has less tracks than GT7 and the single player mode will supposedly feature "actors". Cars will be more or less even when FM drops (Q3 2023 at the earliest).

  6. You beat the other races with the Testarossa? Holy crap. I don't think you need any recommendation then, you could win in any car.

  7. I’m willing to give Forza leeway on this one for one simple reason: the 1999-2002 Nissan Silvia S15 is illegal in the US.

  8. I think you can import these cars as showroom cars, can't you?

  9. That's exactly me. I didn't realize how much better Gran Turismo is than Forza. It's not even close. I also switched to PS5 as Xbox has few good games.

  10. Few is an understatement. "Close to none" is more accurate.

  11. It's easy to win when you're on easy difficulty lmfao. The fastest lap the A.I can produce are usually mid 4:15s

  12. Fastest on Normal is 4:20. Road cars are anywhere between 4:03 and 4:12 on FM6. Haywood (blue Huracan who pits once) is not fast enough.

  13. Useless dilemma. Small difference between the two. Just pick your favorite.

  14. The payouts are all over the place in this game and a rebalance is long overdue. Difficult races like Gr.1 Prototype should pay a lot more. An easy peasy race like WTC 700 Le Mans shouldn't pay more than Gr.1 Road Atlanta. And the even easier American Clubman 700 shouldn't pay more than WTC 700 events (Laguna and Autopolis are more challenging).

  15. you know how this is gonna go. players will look at the top time leaderboards and just stick with the same car lol

  16. Sub 350 bhp makes it possible to enter engine swapped cars. Curious to see how they'll fare.

  17. From the creators of "Jaguar XJ220 was a Group B rally car".

  18. There is a vocal minority yes, but many many just silently stopped playing.

  19. I played Forza 7 and GT7 back to back, and while Forza also lacks qualifications, it does everything else MUCH better. You have standing starts with first place not 3km ahead of you. And while the AI isn’t perfect, it isn’t completely dumb like in GT. At least at higher difficulties you have the feeling it’s a race.

  20. Weekend formats work well for disciplined and committed players on racing games. Practice is used to fill the lobby, then qualifying to flex your pure speed, and then a full race with a full grid to hone your craft. A nice 30+ minute lobby of like minded racers.

  21. I have some experience with FM online. People just leave if there's anything in the lobby not to their liking.

  22. They should focus on having a solid base game first. Fixing splitsrceen and a proper career mode should be prio1, then comes the futuristic bonus stuff.

  23. So they should be focusing on things that do not sell rather than a feature that will help sell Sony's new hardware.

  24. Not gonna happen. They want you to log in every day so you are more likely to spend $$$ on MTX. Really scammy for a first party full price AAA 'game'...

  25. Well, this is a question everyone asks themselves.

  26. The grub is fed info directly from Microsoft themselves, so it's definitely true.

  27. This is generally true but the casual land is also full of people who accept any and all shit even if it's broken at release.

  28. Paint is more detailed in Forza but reflections are much smoother in GT7.

  29. It's because people think 4 meta races is too few. Thing is, if they had 10 races, they'd ask for 15. If they had 15, they'd ask for 20. And so on and so forth.

  30. You're wrong about GT6, you could get about 1.3M credits per half hour with the Red Bull Junior championship with the login bonus.

  31. I don't think most people even care about owning all of the cars. This is for the aficionado and, yes, it's always been a grind in Gran Turismo.

  32. Literally every day there's a post saying "How can I buy FM7?"

  33. And that's pretty much it. No actual discussion about the game. No fawning over it. Posts about FM7 gained far less traction than those about FH4 and now 5.

  34. More modern race cars, qualifying sessions, tyre compounds that can also be changed mid-race, most likely endurance racing and a penalty-system which they tested in FM7, a fully dynamic weather and day/night system...

  35. Oh great, Forza finally came out of the Stone Age. Added features other games have had for a while.

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