1. Great point. I decided to get auto because I've never owned an auto sports car before, so I wanted to try it out long term, especially with the paddle shifters. Added bonus is my wife can drive it too

  2. Some would say that’s a “negative” lol. My wife aims for potholes…

  3. I’m so sorry for your bank 🏦 account 😂

  4. It’s all good. I drive a Corolla….it won’t die!

  5. It’s still fun to have people be jelly of my pure blood fire hawk(even though they have the vengeful gladiator nether drake lol)

  6. Dope! I can’t wait to add this to my collection of reserves that I don’t play more than a few times…

  7. This one has 19 species so I think it’s worth playing no?

  8. For a moment before it back to the normal spots I love to hunt. Just like in real life, I have my favorite spots I go to as I know it so well.

  9. I have the same year and model. I had a misfire after the original plugs finally wore out. I replaced the plugs and maybe a week or two later the code came back. I had purchased new coil packs(I want to say for $150) and was able to replace all 6 in 15 mins. That was 2 years ago and I have not had an issue since.

  10. Let’s you summer the ice scarab mount…really rare.

  11. The starter is stuck and not correctly engaging. Old classic trick: hit the starter with a hammer a few times.

  12. That’s a praying mantis egg sac.

  13. Handsome Brian strikes again!

  14. What is your budget? That’s going to be a big part in getting the type of laser you want to be able to do this kind of work.

  15. Seeing parents fight about money. Mom crying, wondering how they could pay the mortgage this month. Stacks of letters from the bank. Constant calls from bill collectors. Bankruptcy. Frequent trips to the grocery store for sales, lots of coupons. Signing-up for unemployment, waiting for the checks to come in. Not being able to go on spring break trips, summer trips, or holiday trips like your friends. Never getting new clothes. Not being able to go to the hospital when sick because it’s too expensive. Being anxious about college because you’re not sure how you’ll even pay for it and loan amounts look so high you’re not sure you’d ever pay it back. Just wanting to go one day where you don’t worry about money and you’re not even an adult yet.

  16. I grew up thinking my parents were barely making ends meet. Turns out my parents were really good with money and frugal which resulted in my dad telling me one day how he had millions in the bank and can’t wait for retirement and for my kids to be old enough that he can gift them cars for their 16th bday….meanwhile I’m 30 and still driving their old Corolla from 2005 lol.

  17. I work in a large single story machine shop(100% aluminum products). Each year we get interns and we ask them to take the elevator to the 2nd lvl and look for the aluminum magnet….some don’t come back for over an hour.

  18. Same here. I’ve made a hord toon about 10 years ago and I couldn’t stand how slow that big dumb cow ran so I stopped playing him. I might go back in another 5 years.

  19. Sometimes when I go pee in the morning I have this same problem.

  20. Instructions unclear, but my lower unit sure does look clean.

  21. This bitch is old. Like 2005 old.

  22. I feel like this post needs to be revitalized as I am looking for new suggestions to the game I have been playing for too many years lol

  23. Actually, I think I'm bi and I have a huge preference for girls, I do gemvoy things cause I love cute things, so I wanna be cute too😋

  24. Understandable. Keep on keeping on.

  25. Your honor, that calls for hearsay and leading.

  26. I feel like wrath was fairly easy to lvl through and the story was more interesting than anything from BC. The whole “time travel paradox” was my favorite memory lol.

  27. This is confusing as classic is the most linear thing ever. Locked to zones, forced to complete the same thing in the same fashion(fun, but gets old).

  28. I had a well off childhood friend who’s mom insisted on ordering this garbage food. She burned a stereotype into me of a middle age woman who stays at home, drives the newest SUV(always a suburban, H2, Taho), has 2 kids that can drive but she insists on driving a tank around to stores to buy food she could cook, only to have Schwans delivered.

  29. Am not, I didn’t bring up my Mother-in-law at any point.

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