1. Thanks for the info. Do you notice the differences from soil to hydro? I'm doing personal research so just asking around some questions. For example, if "everyone" is hydro what makes them different? I like Klutch, Buckeye Relief, Galenas, Farkas, GrowOhio. Not necessarily in that order, some make better than others, some are more tasty than others, you get what I'm saying.

  2. There are a lot of people that claim to be able to tell the difference between soil and hydro. I've met a few I maybeeee believe, but it's just personal preference. I will say that at the double blind competition they have in Oregon, soil grown usually wins.

  3. I fully expect to get downvoted into oblivion but a game day thread where Ohio State is losing or simply just underperforming is pretty hilarious. People call for Day's job and everything.

  4. Natty or bust at this point. All our receivers are either Five Stars or Chris Olave.

  5. Chris Olave is in the NFL now…

  6. Yes, I am aware. My point was that he was a 4 star, but he's also Chris Olave.

  7. We need universal Healthcare, but it's not the panacea many people like to think it is. Significantly reducing costs is going to take much more painful decisions.

  8. pass a law saying physicians can't charge anyone more than they charge to medicare

  9. I heard Galenas is going to be running a bunch of new strains the second half of the year. Super stoked to see what they have popping up.

  10. Yes, the hype is real. Absolutely my number 1 strain so far. Smell and taste are so citrusy sweet yummy. I mean, just look at those limonene numbers!! Effect is definitely there too. So much so that I would not recommend for someone with little to no experience. But if you’re a regular consumer of flower, grab some of this! You will not regret it.

  11. Agree, this one has grown on me. Terps are great but the effects are IMO some of the best in the Galenas stable. Always enjoyed this one in warm weather on a sunny day for some a serious mental uplift.

  12. Great strain and low key amazing terps. Earthy and rich smelling, reminds me of fresh mushrooms in a way

  13. 1913 was the income tax. Lots of taxes existed before then. There are plenty of places where people have to personally pay for roads if they want them... Caribbean, many African countries, SE Asia. I don't think those countries are better off than the US.

  14. americans and many other people go to those place to relax and GET AWAY from this sytem.

  15. I've had both Electric and Second Breakfast more than once but Dual OG is pretty new from Galenas and I dig it a lot. Terps are kind of a spicy cakey chem, very potent, and the high is nice and even keel

  16. Galenas Second Breakfast and Dual OG are usually over 30%

  17. Its filled with contenders for best line in any comedy movie.

  18. This is my shooting hand was just absolute perfection for comedic timing and delivery

  19. Galenas, Farkas, Woodward. Klutch is very good but kind of getting over hyped IMO. White Truffle was pretty but I thought just ok on the smoke

  20. Same, especially with the new world order of NILs. Not sure PSU can even keep pace.

  21. I would think a school with the resources of PSU would benefit in the bloodsport that is NIL

  22. Definitely Harrison. Hoping Jack Sawyer shows something on D this year also

  23. On a side note...I don't get Nashville. It's a tourist trap with 100 bachelorette parties every weekend. Why do people like it there? I can get hot chicken in a lot of cities now.

  24. Definitely my favorite right now. Shit is fire both terps and effects. Way more complex than any of the lemon strains I've had at least recently. Lemon on the inhale but way more body and depth to it on the back end than most citrus leaning straind. Hits me more like a sativa leaning hybrid too but no panicky anxiety.

  25. ND and USC would be the only equivalent but I doubt usc would do it. I personally wouldn’t mind ND and Cincinnati

  26. Cincinnati would be cool but academics make it highly highly unlikely

  27. How about Vanderbilt? Aligns with the academic portion of the b10 and gives everyone in football an extra bye week

  28. No. Must be good at hand ball or shooty hoops. Baseball doesn't count.

  29. One of my very favorite strains. Thanks for the pictures, seeing the trichomes in magnification is very interesting.

  30. Just recently tried both this and Orange 43. I think Orange 43 has the edge for me.

  31. The few Artifacts I've gotten always seem to be over on weight too

  32. Have you found any under? I weigh everything I get and I’ve never found anything under.

  33. I don't weigh them usually but the few I've gotten and had my scale out they were always over

  34. In places like Western Washington, especially in the Puget Sound lowlands, there just isn't any room anymore, either actual room or freeway capapcity for more single family development. So if you don't start greenlighting massive increases in density then the total housing supply to job ratio goes out of whack. If you do greenlight massive increases in density, then congratulations, those single family homes become worth insane amounts becuase they can be built up and subdivided.

  35. Columbus just got the Intel mega-factory, so cost of living there is going to continue to skyrocket (relative to Midwestern standards).

  36. Not very excited for the rest of my life in a state with a completely different climate and culture than where I grew up and hoped to live for life. Sure I can technically afford something but it’s a MAJOR life change to uproot your jobs and family and all of Reddit downplays it like it’s as easy as moving to the town next door. Sure, it’s possible but not without heartache, major downgrade in quality of life leaving behind my outdoor hobbies and family. The only option should not be “just move somewhere cheaper.” It’s really our only option but at least recognize it fucking sucks.

  37. For sure it sucks but you are also correct that it's the only option. The only thing that's going to turn the real estate market around is a massive recession

  38. I flew to Amsterdam to smoke back in 2006. Granted I also wanted to see the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, the Castle (which was under renovation, damnit!), and I also took a train to Bruges to see the Michelangelo statue in that church. But yeah def went mainly for weed.

  39. I did the same in 2004 but also went to Paris and London. Love the handle too.

  40. Color to indicate "ripeness" is an old wives tale

  41. You're getting downvoted because people don't like you messing with their preconceptions

  42. Copy that. We need to get that RINO gremlin out of office regardless.

  43. Just out of curiosity, why do you think he's a RINO on this topic? The entire Ohio GOP is against legalization.

  44. Perhaps in Ohio. Bud, I'm a staunch conservative and Trumper. There are more of us than you may realize and the younger generation of GOP is doing renovations. DeWine doesn't represent us or the GOP. What he represents is the last grasp of the Old Guard before an inevitable death. Things are changing for the better.

  45. Ok, I'm not going to debate you other than to say that being a true philosophical conservative and being a "Trumper" are fairly mutually exclusive. Trump was a lot of things but conservative was definitely not one of them.

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