1. I never received tracking. The progress timeline skipped past shipping and went straight to the review part

  2. Whoops I always get glam bag and gbp times backwards- thanks!

  3. 🤗 np. I just don't want people missing out coming in 2 hrs late. I think it might've been 9est at one point but then changed the time and never updated, cause I've seen 9 on the website. But since I've been getting plus in 2020, I've always woke up around 4 to pick

  4. I can't imagine having to be coherent at 4am 🤣 You are a strong person!

  5. 🤣😅I don't even try.. I usually wake up with excitement between 330 and 345.

  6. I really love the purlisse blue lotus and milk cleanser, and the Dr Brandt ph yogurt cleanser

  7. Yes the purlisse keeps getting recommended so I’m gonna try it. Do you use it twice a day? And is there a moisturizer that works for you?

  8. Yes I did. I also really like the callyssee caffeine moisturizer (has coffee beans on the tube design).. or the tarte drink of h2o (what I'm currently using)

  9. I believe you, and if she got a lot of backlash she probably took it down but as they say, once in the internet, forever on the internet…I’m curious to look at her overall demeanor on the issue and maybe she is a POS…I just wanted to explain my perspective on the Putin apologist issue, because the personalities that I am personally familiar with (not including Anastasia), truly are against him and I really don’t think a lot of people believe that or understand where they are coming from.

  10. Hi there! I found a screen shot I'd taken of the post.. it's down below this bit of the thread. I was kinda wrong, it wasn't the 😍 face.. but I did post my old screen shot as well, in case you didn't find anything on the whole thing. I still refuse to support her in any way. It's still gross imo

  11. FYI they’re deleting comments on Instagram about this

  12. So for the package marked as delivered, they'll ask you to wait 24hrs because "sometimes they get marked as delivered before they are actually delivered" (srsly ipsy? Wtaf😑).. and to let them know if it doesn't arrive then.... and when it doesn't arrive (cause really, how many mail carriers mark stuff as delivered when it WASNT dropped off somewhere?!), let them know and they should either send a replacement order, of exactly what you ordered, not of "comparable" products, or refund you.

  13. I’ve had it happen a lot, my mail carriers are overall great, but this is the one thing they do that bothers me. Never got a straight answer as to why. I suspect it’s when they run out of time, but don’t want to explain why they still have a bunch of undelivered packages. Then they drop it off the next day.

  14. That's insane! I've never had it happen except for when my mail carrier gave it to a different apt or address

  15. They changed from midnight est to like 11est... but I logged in at like 725pst last night (so 35 minutes before the new daily items should've been added) and they were there sold out.

  16. Lol no no.. they were already on the shop before they usually add the new items and sold out at 735pst (1035est)

  17. They will change mid morning on the first of every month. This month they had the 1800pt item up with them. But that usually is added on the 15th of every month

  18. I was always under the impression add on access was half an hour later for base bag.

  19. It also applies to every order you place, except first round of add on's since they send that with your bag and you already pay for it. I believe it's part of the reason they upgraded the shop to be able to shop multiple areas at once, so people can buy from say, pop up, special sale and basic shop, and pay once and only get tagged with the handling fee once.. and also they said it was to help make order fulfillment better, but ive not noticed a difference in their shipping or handling... it's stupid.

  20. I didn’t save the list and customer service is acting like it did not include a Tatcha cream

  21. 😡😡 that's bs.. it's clearly pictured, on a dang pedestal basically! They are so ridiculous. I hope someone has a SS for you.. ffs cs🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. If so it the last day of this month, or the day before. But if you wait until the 1st or 2nd you'll likely miss out on choice, or get stuck with mediocre left overs. Choice starts at 7amEST (oh wait now that I've typed that I feel like it might be 730am?) on the 2nd

  23. I think it often starts at 7 am EST, so good to start checking then. And I think it needs to be like before 12 pm PST on the last day of the month to make sure you get Choice? Or maybe that's just when you need to cancel by, I forget. But to be safe, I'd have them bill you before then, like maybe on 3/30.

  24. Yeah they say billing starts at 12 on the last day so that's when you're supposed to cancel by. But me personally, I've never been billed that early in the day

  25. Also only some people got a mystery bag per se.. they sent out several different things. I got a huda face palette lipstick and dual ended brushes.. others got a fresh whitening kit.. while some got other things. It was a pretty fun experience. I hope they do it now often

  26. It's kinda hit or miss... fastest response I've ever received was 25 minutes from the time I sent a message.. slowest is never🤣.. I've sent probably 2 or 3 messages that I never received a response for.. ok.. but my usual wait is between 4hrs and 2 days..

  27. Damn we drawstring bag lovers don't mess around. 😅 I'm so tempted for the bag. Lol

  28. Well I'm not generally big on them.. but there have been a few bags I REALLY wanted and this was one of them

  29. Honestly, I love the glamnetic lashes but I absolutely hate their liner. I missed them in points and paid almost full price for them at Sephora. This liner smudges and transfers all over the place, but absolutely will not come off my eyelids at the end of the day. No amount of makeup remover or micelar water does it. Took me 4 days to get it all off.

  30. I used my cleansing balm and had no issues removing glamnectics liner.. I didn't have any product bleed during the day either, that really sucks you did.

  31. i can never get my instagram to work, i emailed them and they said as long as you do the survey at the end then you’re fine

  32. Same!! Really hoping for some good fragrances this time. I need more Skylar scents!

  33. What!! I just checked earlier today. I need a restock. That one is one of my faves. Thank you for the heads up ❤️

  34. They will ship on their own. Everything you order in ipsy shop and sales is on their own. Point items and the first round of add on's ship with your monthly bag.

  35. Nope. You can still purchase The Bailey box, although I wouldn't waste your money. It was very underwhelming.

  36. Yep, they had it in the regular shop in the haircare category. It came with the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil

  37. I have that shampoo and conditioner! The shampoo is clarifying, imo. The conditioner is a nice daily conditioner. They're both concentrated so you don't need too much.

  38. Thanks to both of you above this comment! I'm almost considering bumping it to top of the line🤣

  39. Go to the activities tab on the points page. It should tell you what they are sending you

  40. Thank you for the tip. It’s a refreshments shampoo. I am no longer worried if they forget to send it!

  41. They probably think the general public doesn't pay attention to that. Those not that tuned into that kind of stuff, but know the brand from stores and using it, and the positive press she and the company still get/celebrity associations.

  42. I told ipsy on IG (I think) that they should rethink taking on her products and whatnot considering her pro putin comments! They said they'd pass the info along... geeze.. I mightve even sent an email directly to CS? Lol idr exactly but yeah. Not smart. #istandwithukrain

  43. they will notify you when there is a survey to fill out to match you to campaigns. you don't always get selected, even if you opt in to every single brand offered. i went through probably 15 surveys with nothing, and now i have 6 active campaigns on my profile.

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